Friday, June 3, 2016

God is our contemplation

God is our contemplation

by Nicole Page-Smith

Saint Mary Magdalene knows your soul for she is death and her contemplation, the contemplation of the Mother, Mother Nature, Mother Earth and Mother Mary or motherhood, for the day of the Lord. Death is your mother. Saint Mary Magdalene had to contemplate not only the death of Jesus, but, the impact on the mother of Jesus, Mary, the Virgin and for Christians, death is known as the Mother, mother of all deaths. Contemplation is the death of the Spirit. The gentle pathway to death is the life we lead through, the life of the Lord. Our eternal Spirit can live on through, the love of God and the union with God, is our heavenly death. The soul is our development of death and its contemplation of the Spirit. Daphne is the heart of the forest or the life of the tree where, Saint Mary Magdalene is more reflective of Mother Earth and the ways of Nature. Saint Mary Magdalene became one with the animals to know the fur, the cloth and Jesus, the life of man. Man knows no Sin until the Devil's trespass and this is the tree of God. Christ, was Crucified, of the tree or of the wood, he was nailed to the Cross, a wooden impaling. This is the time for Jesus, grown, to embrace Mother Nature or for Christian writing when, men have written their first book or are of the book of Nature, where, Mary lay. We nominate our name in a Christian birthing or when we are born of the flesh. We are born of the flesh when, we write our first book or contribute to Jesus. The heart is of the flesh.

Jesus walked. Saint Mary Magdalene is the Virgin maid for the Saint is a representation of contemplation. The Crucifixion of Jesus is, by way of death, the most powerful understanding of the human being and Christianity or why God wrote the bible. We are of the flesh, for we are human. We are of God for we are of the Spirit. But, we are of Christ, Christianity and human beings because we are one with God. The Holy Spirit, take us to our angel, the angel above, for he is the Lord and lives in the clouds. Of the flesh is of the Crucifixion of Jesus so, we are both the Lord. Human beings and Jesus are one, one with the flesh. Saint Mary Magdalene walked the garden pathway for the Saint was of the heart, of the heart of Jesus. Jesus was the contemplation of Mary. Death is the Spirit of Jesus and Saint Mary Magdalene was for the love of the Spirit. Comprehending the tomb of where Jesus lay, in the ground buried for Jesus, is of profound importance to the skull in translation as a representation of death as the skull. The bones or where, Jesus lay, in consecration, is the penitents of Saint Mary Magdalene. To punish of the skull, is Divine contemplation. The Spirit is the Lord of God. The core, Divine heart and flower on the tree of Jesus, is our essence. The essence of being is to be Divine and of the heart. God loved Jesus, too much. The garden, love your heart.

Christ grows with you and though you like a heart in the garden of Jesus. The heart branches out, with new foliage and grows with the knowledge of love. A garden is representative of a Christened garden of coral, at the bottom, of the sea. Coral reefs are resplendent with the colours of ascension, brightly coloured like the wings of Divine angels. Tropical fish, swimming through the coral, glimmer with Sunlight reflecting through the water. Beautiful birds and tropical butterflies appear to have a similar association as the Divine heart, in love as they fly up through the treetops in a forest like Divine angels. Your heart is in love. Coral has currents of the seawater through the plant life like the blood that rushes through our veins. Our heart may feel surrounded by the foliage of the heart. Daphne, part human and part tree, may get up and, walk through, her forest, camouflaged, in her branches where, the trespass is like a voyage, to the bottom of the sea. God is the blood in your veins. 

Saint Mary Magdalene is the Saint and God walk the pathway. When we are fur we are one with the animals. The fur is of the book. The book is covered in fur for it is of the blood, of the blood of Christ. Christ was sacrificed for Jesus, for Jesus is where he lay. Saint Mary Magdalene walked through the heart of Jesus and it was as though the Saint was of the blood, Christ, the blood of Jesus. Jesus Christ is where he lay. The Lamb of God is the lamb of Jesus for he was of the faith. The peacock feather told you so. Sacred vessels were used to collect the sacrifice for we are of the blood. The angels of ascension reflect the blood of Christ for he was multicoloured and one, one with the Lord Jesus Christ, one with God and one with himself. Blood is the Lamb of God. Christians are of the one wool and the Saint wore fine wool for protection from the animals but who are the animals for God? The animal is the Sin of the human being or yourself. We were born of a primal faith and it was the faith of an animal, to love you. Saint Mary Magdalene committed no Sin but condemned the death of Jesus and this was her penitents, the punishment of the skull and the contemplation of the Lord. It is Sin to contemplate the Lord, for he bore the heart, the heart of a lamb and lambs are the "Lamb of God". Christ was a meek, mild, servant of God and bore his love.

We are of the Cross, of the Cross of Jesus. Saint Mary Magdalene wore the fur of an animal, for the Saint was fur. Christ wore the cloth. To wear the cloth is to were the book, the book of the Lord and the book of God. God had us made in the garden of the Lord amongst the animals, where we were born of the garden, of the garden of Christ. The garden of Christ is the heart, is the heart of Jesus. We are blood, we are fur, fur of an animal, we have Soul, we have Spirit, we have the Spirit of Jesus, for he was of the God, of the birds and animals, Christ was of the garden. Saints have the fur of an animal for they are of the Spirit. The Spirit of the garden is Jesus. Saint Mary Magdalene walked the pathway. Garden pathways are to be walked. You walk the pathway of the fur for this is the path of the Spirit, we have a fur coating but, the Saint is of the fur for Jesus. Our Soul is blood deep. Our Spirit fly to Jesus, in the garden, the garden of the Lord. Our fur is an animal and Saint Mary Magdalene represents our Spirit self. God is our contemplation.