Thursday, June 16, 2016

God say a prayer

God say a prayer

by Nicole Page-Smith

We are heart for we are one with the Lord. Daphne describes the coral, the coral of the heart where, the sea would flow, the sea of the heart. Our heart flows like the sea. Blood flows, through the heart and the blood is our brine, for we are the brine of Earth. The salt of the Earth is our brine. We are the salt of the Earth. The salt of the Earth is the coral at the bottom of the sea. We are nothing to God but the trodden one and our blood is trodden into the Earth. Christ lay down and died for he was the brine, the brine of the Earth and the sea. We are of the trodden Earth, already a well known, pathway. Accept your position is nothing to God. Daphne represents our heart for Daphne is the tree. Trees walk, too, in the hand of the Lord, for they have feet. The foot of the book is the rule of thumb. God gave us trees to rule our life by, they are, our paperweight. We are of the book, for it is written.

The love of Christ is in the forest, for the forest trees were of the heart, of Jesus. Daphne lived there, too, in the forest and was a forest tree. Daphne lived by the stream. There were mythological beings, of the stream, who, materialized, from time to time, too and they were the heart of the forest, also. Who does live in your heart? Pans live there, with Centaurs and Divine creatures, of God. Minerva is their warrior god but Minerva is not of the stream. Honey and bumblebees live there, too, in the forest. Beware of the bumblebee maid. In the forest heart, there is a tree and it is as red as blood, the blood red tree. Daphne is the one to notice. In the forest there are butterflies. Beware of the snake. Why do people have snakes in their hearts? People have snakes in their hearts because there are snakes in the forest. When, there is a snake in your tree you know no Sin. Beware of the book of the forest, tree, for Daphne lives there. There are little forest creatures, who, frequent the ground so, ask your name, to the forest floor. Creatures live there.

Creatures of the forest know the Spirit by name and the Spirit of God lives there, in the forest. Saint Mary Magdalene walks by the Spirit of God. The pathway of a Saint is of the book. We are all of the nature of the forest. Our wood is our book. The coat of fur is of the hair and of the bow of a string. The cover was of the hide, of the hide of an animal. The book was of the forest and of the pathway of a Saint. Saint Mary Magdalene took hide with her. We are the water of one and one blood with the blood of Christ. Saint Mary Magdalene walked through as though on a starry night, through a mystical pathway. God took Saint Mary Magdalene to the Spirit, to her Spirit, to the Spirit of God and the Spirit of the trees. Christians see stars, in the forest, by night, for Christ lives in the forest. Books live in the forest, too, for they are of the book. The hair of a goat, Saint Mary Magdalene was full of hair. They made strings for a later date. Bows are made of lime wood. Our church is our forest, wood. The church is lined with wood. On the Holy day of the year, they have presentation and they present Saint Mary Magdalene. Saint Mary Magdalene was a Saint who contemplated Jesus and the Crucifixion, the Spirit of death. Jesus suffered Christ and Christ, died, on the Cross, for our Sin. Our Sin was of the trees because we were of the book. Christ died under the star of Jesus.

We were of the stake, Jesus said. Our Cross, is of the tree. Trees are felled for Jesus. Saint Mary Magdalene walked the line. Sin was of the book, Jesus said. Virtue was of her nature and her nature was Mother Earth. It is written, in the book of Jesus that Sin was her Mother, the book of Jesus wrote. To redeem the Sin of Jesus, the Mary mother gave birth, mother Mary gave birth to Jesus. The birth of Jesus is of the book, of the book of Jesus. The bible was of the book and this is written in the trees, in the trees of nature. Mother Mary is of the book, of the book of the Earth for the Mother represents nature. Nature is the Mother of the Earth and is called Mother Earth. We are of the stake. The stake of the Earth is Mother Nature. Saint Mary Magdalene is of the trees for the Saint holds the laurel leaf. We are of the book because we are of the fur. The laurel cover of the book is of the wood for it is staked in the heart of Jesus. The book is of the Spirit of Jesus. Earth is our Spirit and creatures are our friends.

There are forests of worth and creatures live there, too. Jesus lives in the forest. Every year, Saint Mary Magdalene, blesses the forest of worth and holds the laurel. Like Daphne, of a different tree of worth, the tree of life from former gods and the god of the forest, the cloth is blessed. Mother Earth was of nature. We are to bless the cloth on certain Holy days and of old, it is blessed. Creatures bless the forest with their trespass, through. Leaves rustle with the wind. Saint Mary Magdalene would have worn the cloth, the cloth of her Holy day. There was a rock formation outside the forest and this is where Jesus, lay. Saint Mary Magdalene contemplated the skull. There is a candle there, too and a rope for penitents. God say a prayer.