Thursday, June 9, 2016

Daphne is the tree of love

Daphne is the tree of love

by Nicole Page-Smith

Our Spirit is death and it flies to Heaven. God is the dead part of your Soul to bring to the living. We were born dead for God but we live, for we live the life of Christ and we have to bring our heart into flesh, into the flesh and blood of a man. God gives us a reason to live and this is Christ but mainly our contemplation, the contemplation of the Spirit. So, what is the contemplation of the Spirit? Death and it's contemplation. Saint Mary Magdalene walks the line. Heaven is death for Heaven is the Spirit. We are born to love God and this is death. God is death for God is the Spirit that flies to Heaven. Golden is death, for death is the love of Christ and his contemplation. Saint Mary Magdalene contemplated the Spirit, the Spirit of the skull. The Spirit of Jesus was the contemplation of Mary, for Mary contemplated her birth. The bird flew down from Heaven because the bird was the death of contemplation or the Spirit. The Spirit skull is our death for we die in the love of Jesus. We die into God's love.

The Spirit walks the pathway. Death is the representation of Saint Mary Magdalene, for the Saint is the skull. Our penitents, is to believe, in the word of God, for God did breath the Spirit into our mouths. Eternal love is the Spirit of God, for he is of the Spirit. Death is the Spirit of love, for she is red and of the blood, of the blood of Christ. Christ is our Spirit, for we are human beings. God redeem our Sin. We are of the skull for we hold the penitent belief. The belief in the Self, is the belief in the heart of Jesus but Saint Mary Magdalene contemplated the Crucifixion. The contemplation of death is the skull. Our penance is to believe in God. Our Spirit, be with us. 

To be mother is of the Mother of the Earth. Saint Mary Magdalene represents Mother Earth in the form of death. Our skull is of the fur, down with the animals. Our Spirit be with us like a wild hive of honey. In the forest are bees, they line the way and animals live in forests, too. The fur and the animals are of the Spirit, of the Spirit of Mother Earth. We are of one brethren and one brethren with God, the Spirit. Trees of the forest have branches of hope but, when Satan's leaves fall, the West wind blows. Your Spirit blows through the forest as it blows through the skull of death. We are of the living with a living Spirit but it is of the order of Christ and blows through you. The Soul acquires life as you wander through the Spirit. When, Christ died his Spirit was with him, he was of the Spirit and of the one Spirit with God. Saint Mary Magdalene contemplated Christ's Crucifixion. The Spirit blows through you. We are of fur with Saint Mary Magdalene as our Spirit is our animal element. 

Our transient Spirit is part of Heaven and although our Spirit is of the element of God, we are of the living. Our Spirit is mortal. The natural part of our animal self is the flesh. Our branches and trees require the flesh. Our body branches through, itself. We are of veins and membranes with our nerve endings, feeling the sensations, of the flesh. But, when we are of body, we are of Spirit Earth. God gave us covering and a fur coating, like the animals but God gave us flesh to require Spirit, the Spirit flesh. Soul is in the development of Earth for the Soul has Earth or is part of the Soul of the Earth. We are connected like the branches to the trees. Stars and the moon, shine down on us, on a well lit, night, to guide our pathway, forwards. Saint Mary Magdalene reflected on the transient moment of death, the passing of the Spirit and the Spirit itself through, the branches of the heart. We are stumped in Earth like a tree stump. Branching out we contemplate our leaves. New foliage takes our Spirit to life and love is our progression as a human being. We further our pathway.

With branches we are one with God. We are trees. Some trees, do shuffle, in the presence of Daphne. Trees learn in anticipation. We are the forest. Branches grow with new shoots of growth like the heart. Leaves rustle in the wind but beware of Satan. Mother Earth, take her. Daphne digs deep with new roots through, the Earth. The leaves of Satan grow on the trees. In the forest of Daphne, new growth appears but Mother Earth hides her, down through, her roots, to reach the water table. Daphne was born of the Nymph, of the water. The water Nymph splits three ways, the Mother Earth, Daphne and the stream, her roots meet Earth. Branches become her, for Daphne, is the tree of life. Daphne is the heart spring and the well. The goddess is one and three. God has the water god equal a Nymph, for the Spirit, a Soul, for the god and a heart for thee or Daphne, the tree. Her roots grow deep. Daphne is the tree of love.