Friday, May 27, 2016

Gardens know your heart

Gardens know your heart

by Nicole Page-Smith

Jesus is the heart of mankind. Human beings own a heart. The cloth is the fur of Jesus for we possess his heart. The fur of the Lord is the fur of the cloth and this gives you a warm feeling. In the cloth there is a nature of the Lord and this is Jesus Christ. Jesus was of the fur for he was the Holy one. The warm cloth of the fur is religious. We were born of the cloth and lay bare, for of the forest, Adam and Eve, lay. They were born of the cloth because they were born naked in the garden of the Lord, said a Saint. Saint Mary Magdalene lay bare, for Saints lead the life of Jesus. We are all of the cloth and all of the fur for we lay bare our life in the garden. Our life is the heart and therefore, we are, Jesus. Saint Mary Magdalene was veiled, by the forest of death, God took her to the forest that day and God bore witness, for Saint Mary Magdalene lay bare, lay bare, her heart, for Jesus. God veil her heart, Saint Mary Magdalene's heart with the knowledge and the love of Jesus. In the garden is bare wood, to kindle your heart.

God looked into the forest and from his heavenly position on high, observed the trees. In the trees there is wood and we see our Spirit self amongst the trees. Daphne is the goddess of vice for she is he, the Spirit Nymph, the Spirit of the tree and the Spirit self. We are born of the tree for we are he of God and we are born of the heart for we have branches, branches of nature. The nature of the tree is our heart and that is why we grow as the heart grows with love. Trees have life and grow of nature and that is why they need water for their stems, roots of another earth. The water nymph is amongst us and we have need for trees, they describe our life where the heart is. If we reflect life, we reflect Heaven in God's trees and here we reflect the trees of the forest, for we have heart. The heart of the tree is wood and this is where we fear to trespass. Our heart is of ascension and this is why we know trees in our heart through branches of the heart. This is the wood of our beginning and the knowing of our origins, a growth in the knowledge of God. If the snake of the tree where our Soul, we would be a Devil in the knowing of our Divine self, the Spirit. We are, our own, Divine pathway, though, the forest.

Daphne has trees where we have leaves for Daphne is of a delicate nature. Of the nature is the forest. Leaves are of a delicate nature where they grow. Hearts are for helping you and there are trees, in the forest where, there are leaves. Daphne was in the forest that day playing with Dianna, the hunter. On an ascension day we are of the birth, of the birth of Jesus. Daphne and the huntress were gods of the forest. There were Nymphs and Pans and, Centaurs, too. On the day of the leaves, leaves will fall. Leaves fall from the trees. Trees are of a delicate nature and ascend through the sky, towards the stars, in the sky, at night. There were clouds that day when Jesus entered the forest and gave her nature. Leaves on trees say no. There were forest trees and forest leaves and, they saw her, too. The heart has a tree with branches and on that day, he grew like a tree. Mother Nature was all around on the ground for Jesus. In the forest we walk. Trees and leaves and Jesus, are all around. Daphne was her name for she was heart, the heart of the forest trees and they are of a delicate ascension, for God. We grew with the leaves. 

The leaves grew with Satan's leaves for they were of the forest. In the forest a cool wind blows when Daphne arrives from the river's edge, her father was a water Nymph, to give love to the goddess maid. Death blows with the forest wind. Our leaves grow and come to pass. The forest heart is the core of your being as are the leaves on Satan's tree. When, death is at store we die in our forest for the heart is felled of its branches. Satan's leaves then, fall to the ground and blow away at dawn's first light. Life has past us by in the forest. Mother Nature nurtured her breast, in the forest home, for the rest. Ailing are the leaves on the trees, for the dying. When age, passes the Spirit by, Daphne stands still. Daphne is heart where, we are leaves, the leaves on the tree, fallen to the ground, for Satan, to collect. Our Spirit has gone. The forest is the wind of Satan where, we are the leaves of change. The tree grew that day and life passed the sapling, by. Grow old before the forest wind. Daphne planted her roots where, Daphne had once walked, the forest floor. New saplings grow new shoots.

Daphne was the love of the forest. When, you go into the garden, there are earthly delights. Daphne is part of the wood. There are leaves and these are part of the green, for they are new saplings. Leaves are part of Mother Earth. Gods live amongst the trees in the forest for they are your Virtue, where you are Vice. We are Vice to Mother Earth when, she knows we are notable. Notable children of the forest play amongst the gods but, they are her Virtue, the Virtue of Mother Earth. Children are part of God and provide future leaves on Daphne's tree. Primal Nature and the forest are akin with the animals of the forest where, she is snake. Devils and Earth gods scatter the Evil of Mother Nature and fly off with the butterflies. The wind of Nature is the wind of change. Scattering with the leaves is Satan's work. Our lives are as momentary as the wind is, with the leaves, in the trees. Our heart knows no other tree than, the tree of life. Daphne played in the forest that day. We win the battle of life and then, pass through the forest. God takes you to the garden trees where, forest is your nature. Gardens know your heart.