Friday, January 29, 2016


Nicole Page-Smith,


The garden has you observe the planets, in the evening when, the gods trespass, through. The gods are there, in the day, too, but are as translucent as the clouds and we see the air that way. Clouds and transparent air are observed in the blue sky. Plants, in the garden of love, take you through the forest and are observed on the other side, in the clearings. The magical gardens, inside the forest, take you on a journey, through, your mind. When, you enter the forest, gardens of thought, are observed, with the gods and the planets. Garden history takes us to where we came from and you feel as familiar with the ancient plant life as you do with extinct species of creatures and animals like dinosaurs. In the ancient forests, with the older plant species, the magic of the forest takes you to, love in the garden. Do we ride dinosaurs and woolly mammoths, in our mind? We see the golden deer there, too and they are as translucent as rain clouds, in Heaven. The gods see through, the golden deer, to their magical lineage and we are there to observe their horns. The deer antlers are as organic as plant life, where, they grow and entwine like gods through the cosmos. Plant life and gardens grow through our mind as tendrils, may tend to sprout, through our ears, if we were entwined with garden plants through our body. The heart tends to grow with more love.

The blue sky above takes us to Heaven and here, like angels in the sky we fly like birds and drift with clouds. In Heaven, you become one with the air, around you. We are as transparent as the Spirit is air. In Heaven you notice the ground and you trespass as you walk. To see Heaven is to see the sky but the garden holds your heart. We are as entwined with nature as we are with the Earth. Plant life grows like the love in our heart. Trees grow in the forest's growth and plants are noticed, where the gods, placed them. The planets are noticed as the plants grow in the garden, for the calendar is the zodiac of the gods. The planets have the names of gods as they were noticed in the garden in Spring weather through to the Autumn leaves and the leaves fall on the ground, for us to notice our cycle of life and, death. The cycle of the planets is inclusive. We have planets to remind us of the cycle of Christianity and when, God observes, the golden tree, the knowledge of our heart, the golden bough. Plants are golden there, in Heaven like the deer and we see the colors of our ascension, to God. Plants are the gods as God is the plants and then, we see our ascension. Plants take you to Heaven.

In Heaven, there are golden trees and the garden is how we see Heaven, on golden feet. The garden is the forest and when, you are in Heaven, you see the love of the forest and the trees look resplendent. You walk in golden light, for God, to observe, where, you tread. All around, you see love. The birds, talk about, love in the trees and the plants grow forth. Trees grow towards the sky so, our mind, travels upwards, to where, God lives, in the sky. Trees lead your mind, to the sky, in Heaven. The sky is blue, in Heaven. Heaven is where God lives on Earth, too and in your heart you see his golden light, shine forth like the Sun on a bright sunny day. The Sun is golden. A golden room is for your ceiling. Walking through Heaven is to walk through, your garden and your forest grows tall. We are like the tree that grows tall. You could imagine branches continuing to grow out your fingers and the tree trunk to form your breast. Where, our feet embrace the Earth, we grow roots. The wind in the trees is our willow and our feet is our home. Trees love the forest to love you and when, you become tree you become life. Life in the forest is like love in the heart, you find Heaven, there. Heaven take me to my home, in the golden heart and Heaven close the door. Love God to love your forest's heart.

In the forest are creatures and plants of a coloured variety. The colour of ascension holds the heart and the colours are for the reflection of Heaven and reflect the colours of the planets. We are, influenced, by the planets, in our heart as we are, rewarded, by God. The planets and the cycle of the Seasons participate in everything Earth would find in the forest, including the heart. Other planets are influenced by the cycles God places in the Universe such as the cycle of the Sun. The creatures and plants of the forest require information from the planetary cycle and our heart is of a similar ascension. The Sun and the moon circulate like the planets around the Earth. Certain plants and animals are born of a Christian day, to God. Our heart transpires. Seasonal and golden are the products of the Earth as is love in the heart. Plants find their sweethearts with the help of bumblebees and God and then, there is a revolution of the Sun, for the moon to observe. Creatures of the forest do find a territory. The heart is Divine and shines with reflection. We are all the reflection of God and our heart holds the key.

A Divine reflection of Heaven is God. Love is the colour of the planets. Golden are the forest deer. Creatures of the forest shine for one another with the camouflage of their reflection. Horns and antlers suit the doe. The reflection of golden colours in the heart has plants curl around your feet. The colour is known as fawns are known to stag and doe, to deer. Colours of ascension are the colours of the planets from doe to deer. The deer see their golden light in one another as it shines through their hearts. Plants curl around our toes. The feet of the deer are golden and that is their sign for God, they trespass the Earth. Plants entwine, going up your leg and growing as veins would, enveloping the stump. Golden is the light of God when, our heart reflects Heaven. The heavenly, planets, are an orb, for God and we shine in his light. Our golden light is upon us. The planets are our reflection and that is why we reflect Heaven but, our Divine heart, is for God, to trespass. Heaven in the heart is the golden deer and they are bathed in each other's golden light. The plants travel through our veins. Golden is the colour and Divine is God. The plants grow through your heart.