Friday, January 22, 2016


Nicole Page-Smith,


Fields and deer are dear oh near and, near oh near are they. Happily the deer tread, through, the hay of hay wheel, May. Grass and May, of seed and, hay are hay and, hay of May. We roll and tumble. The West wind blows, in May. Sky and deer of cloudless sky, of fields of gods and hay, are always, there, in May. The form of God is hay for deer and May for the gods of the hay and, gods take May to hay. Wind blow through, the hay in May, for deer are there, to play. 

Wind blow, West, East and blow, again. The deer frolic and then, they play. We are blessed in the merry month of May. There, the wind blows through the hay. Now, hay to wheel and hay to play, wheel, through, the hay, in May. Winds blow to East, South, West and blow and, blow, merrily, away. Deer play for May and wheel and, May some more, for May and, hay come, close, to play. A deer in the hay is two for May. In the May for hay and, hay and May, we bless, the Earth. Sky and planets, wheel away and deer, bless the Earth, while, antlers are on display. Rearing up, stags fight and rear up, some more. To play and test and, love and, wheel, the stags win their mate. Doe and deer, stag and doe, have for fawn, the grass and seed, for wheel. We love the merry doe in the foal. Foal of deer and fawn for some, see stag, stand, forever more. On brook and stream and, to the West, is where you will notice them and stay and sway and, deer and, notice her, in play. Antlers rest. Stag to doe is love in the hay and May is doe to deer. We love you forever, doe and deer and, fawn to seed, some more. Of love for seed forever, worth and love forever, God bless the Earth.

Seed and grain, and grain of Earth, are seed, forever more. The Earth, be blessed. Earth to seed is seed to grain and Earth to seed, no more. The Earth has seed and grain to Earth, and Earth, to the forever more, to Earth by house. House and Earth are seed to grain and, love is by the brook. Brook is brook, to brook, in the book but, do not tell forever more. Now, seed to grain love brook to book and seed to love and, worth. Do not tell the deer you were in the woods or they will scare. Dare to love the deer in the woods. The stream of love and plenty worth, travelled on by. Earth is the true home of God. Gods of worth and Earth, of near and far, are for the deer. Seeds are for the worth. Earth to Earth, is for the planet of worth, so near and far. Deer do trespass, tra, la, la but, nearer are their worth. Of deer so, near and near so, dear of love and, love and, worth, tra, la, la and, dance for the deer for near is deer and far, tra, la, la. We love to love the Earth so, dear where, love is love on Earth.

The love on Earth is for plants of love and deer to walk them by. Do we trespass in the garden or is love, the love of another, name? To the garden are the plants, who love your name when, your name is deer. The deer of worth do trespass your name. Tres and pass is to the game. Do no trespass for game have a name. To pass on by is love for the tree but, to walk on names, is a deer of worth. We have names in the forest and gardens of worth but, deer call themselves, foe and, deer of worth. Names are foe and for, and forward walk, through and through, the forest, the deer do walk. Walk on through and through. We trespassed the forest, today. The names of worth did say. We love and love and, do and do. For then, we are, of the affair. Affairs of love are, an affair, to do. Do fare well with the deer. Golden is the hare. Golden is the forest and golden is the garden of love as we trespass, to the forest. Will you meet the Saint in the forest of worth or will he meet you? God tell him so. Plants and deer, of deer alike are pleasant foe. To the planet of worth, is where we live, for the forever and forever more. Forever more and on the more, forever, a more is more and more. To the love of God, Heaven is forever, more. I love you, God.

Love is forever, in Heaven. As we travel, North, the plants disperse and walk is walk, no more. Deer are golden and translucent is their antler horns, for we see through them as we see God, for God is through the horns. The sky of worth is to be seen and skies look through, the clouds. We see her reflected, a God of Christian worth. Planets tell our name day Sun, of Earth and water and Earth. We are planets where, she is worth and her name is Mother Earth. The Earth resides in the Sun. Our Mother, is reflected, all around us, for we are her name. Mother they call her, Earth to some and then, we plant the seed. Our planet's worth have seed no more, for we are of the Christian faith, to birth our right, for Christians travelled, through. Of mother is our Virgin right. Mother and Earth, are Virgin, born, for she was he, once upon the while, of plenty, near and far. Far to near is far for some and Mother Earth was her name. We are jewels of the crown for her and Mother, is her birth. The plants are of golden ascension there, for planets were her worth and gods tell her, her birth, there, in Mother Earth. We are all in a circle and Cross her birth. The gods told her, so.