Friday, February 5, 2016


Nicole Page-Smith,


When, deer grow golden horns, their antlers are on display. Golden is the tree. The trees are golden for God to observe in Heaven. Fallen leaves are there, for some. Golden is the love of the Lord. Deer have horns of resplendent beauty. The gods of plants and forest worth, have trees for one to one. We are one deer for the Lord of worth and he is one for the deer. The plants are ascended from god to God and that is why you feel them near, your heart and they grow inside for worth. God and gods trespass worth for gods and God, is near. The colour of ascension shows you your path for trodden is the garden. Gods and planets are the colours for nature to observe. The colour of ascension is near. Golden are the deer of worth and golden is their home where, the trees are in love with you and grow outside you heart. Forests of love, love the deer of golden love and worth. They traipse their feet that way for hooves are golden for worth and eternal birth. Golden and in love is the deer and ascension is her worth, plant the seed today, in the garden.

The ascension is near. Golden is the gardener. Colours are for the nominated garden so, the planets have observed. Angels are heavenly bound and so is their golden ascension. In Heaven, there are angels of worth for planets of note and they circulate the Sun. Angels accompany you while you sleep and we need to learn about ascension so, our destination is Heaven. In the heavenly angel pathway to Heaven, you have to follow your planet. Your planet is the planet you were born under. Ascension colours are communicated in your dreams. Golden is your ascension, in the garden, for God, where, Heaven is your home. Gardens are the golden worth of the gods. The deer already live in Heaven and that is why they are golden, we see their light as though we are trespassing. The golden light of the deer is from Heaven and translucent as golden hay. Golden is the month of May, ascending, angels, sing, for we are in Paradise, when, we are golden and golden is the deer for the leaves, in your garden as golden is your tree. Trees of ascending angels fly to Heaven.

Our colours of ascension are in the garden. We are in the forest, now, as deer rest after play, in Spring through, to Summer hay. Hay is golden. In the cool air, forest warmth is noticed and you enter your golden heart, a locket of worth. Are you a keepsake of your love for God? We ascend through our forest like angels riding the deer's back and fly through, the trees with a wealth of golden love, in our hearts. Greeted, by the descending golden light, of the forest, by day, we are taken to God. Love is the ascension of the heart. When, we see the golden rays of God, appear in our heart, we notice the golden light of the forest. The trees appear golden and we are bathed, with an ascension close, to God as we sit in the forest. Angels ascend up to the top of the treetops, while the golden deer lazily lay about, the golden Earth. Gardens of worth are gardens of ascension and God trespass the Earth.

In the golden garden, God and the gods holds our trespass and our trespass is our heart so, golden is the philosophy of love for God. Heaven will take you, there, to the golden garden of love. A golden garden of love is your heart and that is why the Devil knows no trespass, for golden is the fruit of love, on the golden ascension tree of knowledge, of God's Divine love. In your garden is your heart and your heart may as well be hanging on the tree like the golden fruits of love, for ripened is the fruit. The golden love of God has the gods involved for they are gods of the Earth, who celebrate the Seasons of the Earth. Planetary is the knowledge of the plants of the Earth and they spin on a cycle as the Earth spins on an axis, we spin on a circle as is the evolution. Gods, plants and humans alike have a Divine purpose for God and this is our cycle. There is a celebration of plants for the field and the Earth has us rejoice. A celebration of plants for the garden has God in a golden ascension for gods live in the garden. Humans have the golden deer.

There are gods in the forest. We buck and fawn, and roll about, said, the god to the god, oh tree, for trees are the forest. The humans have no realm for the deer, for the deer is golden. Trees are there, to protect you in the forest. Oh deer, oh stag, oh golden deer. Gods and deities buck and fawn, oh golden, is the deer. Nymphs and maidens, traipse on through and protect the animal deer, speaking her language, doe to deer, they speak of doe to deer. Stag to love, oh love, be one, of love, be one and deer. We are planets for one Earth, to deer and god to god, no more. Gods are golden for the deer and deer are love in one, for love and deer oh deer, is one. Gods transcend and enter the trees, go brook and plenty creature, near. When, deer come golden, near, they are white and golden antlers appear, to deer, in red, not white, for deer. No human is to hear. Fawn to doe and stag not near. Oh, golden is the ascension of deer. Brooks and streams, go unnoticed for deer and stag alike, for love is the ascension of deer. In a forest, so near to my heart, oh deer, oh dear, by May. Deer come near and near, that way, is my heart with the deer. Forests are in a merry way. Deer are for the month of May.