Friday, January 15, 2016


Nicole Page-Smith,


Gardens are love, in the garden of love and there, we find the beautiful, observations, of God. Tranquil, is the peace, in the garden as the birds call your name, they fly all around you and take your love to God, where, you are ascended, into a heightened, state of being. Spirits of love, find your love ascended, there, in the garden, on a bright sunlit day, where, in a euphoria, your love, is transcended. Transcendence, from the state of love, in the garden, to love in your heart, is a spiritual vocation. Love in the garden of the Spirit takes you to your heart and ascension is trumpeted for the angels of worth. Gardens and angels, combine well, for God, for both, equal love in the heart, of philosophy. The garden's Spirit takes you to an understanding of love, known to the Spirit, for of love and the garden, are wealth for the heart. Divine is the garden of love. Ascension is the color of love. Angels reside in your heart. Gardens have been well manicured, for centuries, with patterns of design, leading your heart to God. Angels live there. 

In your garden, you are, blessed, by angels and deer live there, too. Angels and deer equal the love of God. In your garden of love deer trespass, through and walk along their passageway. Through, the darkened forest, on a sunlit day, deer find refuge, in the cool air. The purples and darkened forest lighting, would smell of the dark, cool, breezes, through, forest plants as the deer, would pass through, standing silent, sometimes, to observe. The forest is a nice, cool, place on a bright lit, sunny day. Other, creatures frequent the forest, in the treetops, where birds fly around in peace. The forest floor is a different, matter and beware of where, the pond creatures live for streams and brooks travel on by. There are nymphs and water gods, there, too, so, take care, in the forest, at night. The dragon's tooth is sown, nearby, so, the fields can be dangerous, by day. Deer pass on by. Fields of love and tumble worth are for the gaze of the herd, only. Hay to tumble is for the deer and do tell his antlers, May, for the seed of worth, is plenty of worth.

Dragons and hills, travel forward, in May and hills and, tumble and, hay. We are the antlers and worth is the forest, for plants, are only, a stream, away. Deer are the hay wheel and wheels, wheel and wheel, the Earth and spin around, the hay. Spinning around, the globe, the world, spins the Earth, all day and spins and, spins like the Sun, around, the planets, of the Sun. We wheel and Universe spin and, wheel and, all around, spin. The Earth spins and wheels and, the planets move around, they spin and wheel, and the stars circle and wheel, for hay day.

 When, the planets align, for the sacred day of Earth, our Universe rejoices, with the gods. Hay and wheel and, the planting of the seed, occurs, on the Divine, Earth, day, of Heaven. The fields celebrate, with the golden time, of hay. Hay of wheel and gods of love, bring forth, the deer.  Antlers of Universe, tell gods of field, to love the hay of May. The planets spin and Universe goes on spinning, for the hay, we are only a merry month of May, in the hay. Deer are walking with gods of hay and wheel to love the merry, fields, while, hay and fields, communicate, to planets and gods, Universes, away, from hay and, seed and, wheel and, God took deer to hay. For the planets of May, to observe deer and fields and hay, gods and angels, tell God. The Season bursts into bloom and deer and fawn, stag and doe, spring forth with the abundance of hay, in May, Springtime, for the hay. Dry fields of May, have blue sky, above and cloudless is the month of May. Deer are golden for the hay with love for gods and Seasons, to obey, as we all love the warmth, of May. Blow the wind, blows through, the fields, even on a cloudless day. West, South, East, will wind oh wisp, blow merrily, merrily, away. Spring is for the month of May. 

When the gods hear the wind blowing, through, the fields, they appear. Wind oh wind oh willow wisp, away. May and fruit and, flower and, she dances merrily for hay. Gods of Earth and Earth of May, dance and, dance the hay. We hear the deer of May, although, silently, the deer walk, away, to the South. The wind blows from North to South, where, westerly Seasons blow. Wind and breeze and, wind and, wind, blow hay and, breezes through, wind and, stream, of nymph and, god of worth. When, the wind carries the wind, along, down brook and stream of worth and, to the merry deer, the fields of know and, plenty worth take trespass, near and far. Fields tell angels, deer are near and gods laugh happily, in play.