Friday, January 8, 2016


Nicole Page-Smith, 


Blue is the blue of the May, blue sky and blue is blue. Heaven is Heaven and Heaven is blue. On a cloudless day, you dream of Heaven, in the deep of the deep blue sky and clouds float on by, in Heaven, where, the sky is blue. Heaven is the blue of the sky, where, the sky is blue. On a clear day, in Heaven, the clouds pass you by and Heaven is the sky. With a reflection of Heaven, in the sky, we see ourselves reflected, in the sky. If you are Heaven in the heart, you are Heaven in the sky. More and more Heaven, is more and, more sky. The breeze of air and cool, are Summer breezes, in the cloudless, night. In cool of shade and tree, Summer has warmer weather, to transpire. Spring of breeze is wind of cloudless sky and blue is the merry scent of sky and, breeze, all day. To Heaven is the color of the sky. We love in May of Spring and air and, love all Spring come Summer sky. Cloudless is May, for the sky. Love of Heaven and May is love and, love is Heaven, for God. Blue is the color of Heaven and blue is the color of the sky. 

When, the sky is blue we are in Heaven. Heaven for the deer is the color of the sky and they stand amongst the fields as part of nature, in the grass, honoring God. Their love of the fields can be felt by their serene countenance as when, deer face the sky, they face God. Gentle is the wind. On the Spring days, close to Summer, deer flock and gather, where, the fields and, hay, are dry. Hay is the nourishment and deer are the hay. When, we circle, they gather and gather in the fields. Circling and gathering has been occurring for centuries and, they circle with the moon as it transpires, there is a quarter moon to full moon and, then, the circle grows to gather. The circles inform the deer about their antlers and the moon carries on its course, of the moon. A moon gathers weight as it cycles in the fields. The moon gathers strength as it waxes and wanes and, circles around, the field's Earth. Are we deer to God, where, he is moon or are we Earth? We are Earth and moon, where, he is God and, deer, and, we are fields and, sunshine where, God is deer with love. The circles of field take the moon of another, cycle, where, the deer enter, the domain of Heaven.

Deer are in the gardens of May and frolic forth, for the hay. We in May, are May of deer, for May of deer, are hay of May. The deer of the dear gardens of May, are dear to the garden as deer are dear, to the hay. Gardens and May are as synonymous with deer as deer is with the hay. Dear oh dear, oh hay, oh deer, are hay and dear, oh dear. We are hay, of the May and deer of the hay, to the garden. Gardens grow forth. With garden May and love of the garden and, gardens of May to the deer, we are hay. Hay and May are deer, for dear is the love of May, where, gardens are a delightful growth, of plentiful, deer. Deer are the antlers of May. Antlers and May make hay. Hay can be dear to the deer but, May is more, dear and love is the hay, to the deer, in May. We are in love with the hay like deer are in love with the May, for love in Spring is hay. Spring and May love deer. With the gardens oh scenting, for love in the hay, of May and scents of the Spring, May, air, we love our gardens, of May. Love and deer, love Spring in the May, for plants are golden sunlight. Sun and Spring twirl, tra, la, la and circle around, your daylight garden and at night we are Spring, to the deer, for the scent of the forest, is near. Forests are Spring to the deer.

In the garden of May, we are garden and gardens are garden, to May. Garden is the name of May, for Spring is the Season. The garden takes us on a journey, for we are, the pathway. Gardens take you to the Universe as we are on a cycle with the Sun and the moon. The stars shine, brightly, at nighttime, for we are the garden and spinning and, circling with the moonlight, the cycle of God in the garden, of May. We spin and are Universes where, the gods are planted, in the garden. Universes are Universes away as we spin and enjoy the sunlight. The gardens are garden but we are the May. Plants, plant themselves, sometimes, while, gardeners, bumblebee, away. Are we gardens or plants, we ask ourselves, while the planets, turn merrily, away. In May, we are the seed of the garden and in Spring, we are the gardens, of May. Gardens are Spring and turning, our planet, someway. The way to Spring is the garden. Spring, May and garden, are a delight, for the playful, deer. We enter the forest, at sundown and gardens rest you, there. Spring, oh cheer, of deer and garden, spin and, twirl, oh circle, away and, then, there is another, day. Rest there, awhile, in the garden and have our Earth, be the love, of May.

There is love in the garden of May. Gardens of Spring are full of Spring and Summer rain, where, love transpires, in May. As you move your thoughts, down, through, the garden plants, they circulate, away. Universes and planets inform the gods and, the ground produces extraordinary species of a new, formed, variety, of growth. The plants grow to larger, more developed, proportions, than, previously observed and with the warmth of the ground, with westerly breezes, plants start enveloping, the Earth. Jungle growth of plants, thriving, uncared for, twist and turn, through, the Earth, where, vines and, hanging trees, meet other, large, flat leaf, varieties of plants, on the ground. The garden of love is a tangled, organic, delight and growing with forms of well, rooted, plants, to observe, the mass of growth, secures itself, to the Earth. The Divine form of love has entanglement and is rooted in your heart as plants are in the garden, they grow and you grow with them. Growth and decay are a generation and we grow to observe God's love, where, growth is the garden of love.