Friday, December 18, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith,


Angels are synonymous with deer, in Heaven. Angels and gods ride on the backs of deer, holding onto their antlers. Plants, are also, blessed by angels, in Heaven and the gods rejoice in the garden. Deer are angelic in Heaven. The gods take you to the golden ceiling with the angels and the deer have antlers that touch, Heaven. In the golden fields, deer walk and rest all day, gathering in flocks of another name. Deer stand under blue sky. Cloudless skies send angels to your garden. The garden of Heaven is sent your name. Deer like angels are bathed in the light of God and a golden light shines forth like the Sun. Gods walk amongst us but live with the deer in the garden. The entwinement with the gods is a Godly understanding and we are Divinely inspired by God. Angels inform your name. The deer are for our notice and in Heaven we see their light. When, doe of deer and stag of fawn and, play go to God, about Spring, God shines brightly on the fields. The light of God is golden. Deer love God in Heaven and entwine their antlers with the knowledge of love.

Deer are golden for love like the gods are Divine for God. The antlers twirl their love to Heaven and their love is golden. Of twirl and whirl, to Heaven, they go, communicating all day long. A direct access to Heaven is needed and deer have gods like angels, they are God for we have deer near our heart. Deer frequent the garden of love as plants, do, heavenly formed and for the love of the heart. Deer walk to your heart and through you. In the garden of gods and angels alike, deer have a special place. You walk their way and the way of the deer is golden, golden of love and, entwinement. God loves the deer, of Heaven, in the garden and we trespass, knowing of God's love, there, in Heaven. Golden are the deer of the fields and their antlers are golden with the shine of Heaven, let the Sun shine down on the golden deer. Spring brings forth a golden understanding from Heaven and baby deer, of fawn and doe, and deer and stag, walk through, with golden light. When, the Heavens are so golden, with the Summer, yet to follow, our golden light, shines. Heaven take the deer through, golden fields, to play amongst, the hay. Golden is the light of May.

Love in the garden of May is for the deer. Summer is the hay. When, they walk on though, your garden, your heart is near. Deer are fawn and doe are play, and, please, keep the stag, away. Deer of doe and play is near, for love and frolic, through. Deer are in the garden of hay. Your fields are near and so is hay and deer of fields do play, in May. Deer for the garden of May is hay, in the fields. The wind blows through, the fields of May and hay blows forth for him. The stag and doe, and, fawn, too, near, love each other, for May and deer, near. Gardens are love in the Springtime. Golden is the sunshine and blue is near, for deer and dear oh dear, in May, and hail and shine. Blue is the sky on a hot Summer's day. Fields lay hay. A garden so golden is grass, to lay where, deer play and frolic in May. Oh, frolic deer of play and hay, so near in May, where your babies lay, fawns to foal in May, are deer of the hay. Stags so near. 

Near are stags and deer, so near, in May and love for shine. Love and deer, so, love is near, with the golden hay wain. Oh, so are deer and love, and shine for love and shine, so near. Deer are for love of deer. We participate in the garden doing God's Divine work but, deer frolic and play, for the deer. Wind scatters them, hither and thither, and wind is hither and thither, the deer, hear their voices and, people of the wind, move away, as with the spirits of the dead, voices travel, in the wind. Deer scatter with the sound of the wind and neighbouring deer frighten the flock. Wind has the sound and smell of the garden and what does a west wind blow? Deer scatter with the leaves and Autumn come Sunshine, is when they like to play. The wind of the West wind blow, for deer come Autumn to May, for the love of the deer. Scattering and moving, to and fro, the wind stirs up the leaves. Wind of deer and to and fro and the merry deer, of May. Wind of deer, are deer of deer and dear are the deer, of May. Deer are for the love of Spring breezes and gardens are frequented, in May. Deer are for love of the hay, while their antlers are blown through, by the wind.

Wind and storms are frequent in May as is the wind, of the hay. The wind blows through, the fields and moon come rain of shine or Spring, the wind blows on and through. Winds of the North and Southeast, blow forth, all the daylong. The wind blows, soar and sail along, and West, unto the brook. Winds blow and blow a gale, till wind blows never too, more. Where, the East wind blows, the North one, follows and West comes East, some more. Storm of hail and gale, and, wind, storms ride forth of field and bank of stream, no more, they take of wind and East meets West, till brook of stream meets rock and forever more. More and more, blows the wind of storm and gale, until rain and hail, shines, forth with a rainbow, in the clouds that blow and, blow and, blow, across, the sky. Winds form Summer rain. Spring brings with it rain nor shine and clouds on blue sky, Heaven. The blue of sky and racing clouds of wind, and love, go through the clouds, with the wind. Shine and more, forvever more, means, what is the colour of the wind? Blue or forever shine, no more. Sky of blue and wind of gold and blue of blue and, wind of air and, clear is the clear, blue sky. Wind is clear in May of the hay when, wind blows wind around, together, the West wind blows. Of wind and wind and, lovely wind, of May and wind, so near, blow through, the sky.