Friday, September 25, 2015

page 38

Nicole Page-Smith


The river of knowledge is the pathway, to God. The Divine pathway, to God, cannot trespass the way of Evil, do not take God down the river of Sin. Our knowledge, take us to love and the Divine pathway, to God. We take love to God because the tree of knowledge is our sacred tree. We are one, in the garden of love. When nature has the form of love, it is a tree. We are golden, in the way of nature. In the garden, you are looked at, in Seven Divine, ways. We are love for God, when we ascend nature to him and he is golden, to our hearts, when we see him, in the forest. Let the birds call our name. When you cross the pathway, of the forest floor, beware of the snakes. They will tell you who is to fall. In the garden of love, our forest is our snake. So, beware of yourself, in the forest, said the tree. Trees are sacred to God because they equal love and your sacred tree is your sacred branch, trees are like branches of the heart, when they are in love, with God. The eyes in the forest look at you, said the snake. You have to beware of the self. We cannot be Evil, in the forest of love.

In the forest of the garden, we are love. God planted a tree, in our heart so, we would know what branches of the heart, were for. We have branches on the trees, so the birds can sing their song to you. We have branches of the heart so, God can sing about love to you. Branches of the heart of philosophy are trees of the forest, to God. We are, your tree and you are, our forest, of philosophy. When, trees, told God, of Adam and Eve, God tried to help, by sending, the snake and explaining, about, the Fall. God lost the garden and we lost the tree. The branches, of our heart, told us, so. God sit on the tree. The Devil is the snake. In the garden, of Paradise, there is, a forest. Do not enter. Golden is the fruit of love. Our golden reflection has Seven eyes and do not tell, the snake. A reflection, of God, incorporates, Hell and do not tell, Evil, about, the snake. A forest, of Divine harmony, has the birds, of the forest.

When we contemplate, Divine thought, we are taken, to Jesus and this is Divine harmony, for God. The structure, of the Universe, is, Divine. God had a plan and this was Divine harmony. The Divine, structure, of the Universe, equals one. The forest of the imaginings, takes you further and that is why, we have starlight. Trees, are actually, born on a different side, of, the star and that is why they reflect starlight or a refraction of the starlight pattern, they were born, under. The code, of the star pattern, is Divine information, for God and does inform other, organic lifeforms, elsewhere, on different planets. We have a Divine structure, for God and that is our harmony, but this equals two. And like plant life, we are born under, an encoded, star pattern, hence, our star sign. Trees, like human beings, would almost, have a star sign, too, but trees are conceived, differently. The star pattern, does nominate, how a tree grows, how many branches, the tree has, how many leaves there are, the tree's life span and so forth. Other, factors, do come in play, for example, where the plant is growing. Forests are protective places, for trees, although, they too, can have there dangers. For example, old trees can disintegrate and fall down, on an established tree. There structure and the structure, of the forest, is the Divine order, to God.

When we think of the structures of nature, we think of God. There are Seven branches, for God, of the Divine tree, of nature and these have Seven angels. Seven eyes are upon us, in the nature, of the Divine. There are Seven angels, for God because God, said: yes, to nature. God, could not believe, the Divine order, of nature, was not enough for the human beings, he created, to enjoy, God's Divine Paradise. But, God, invented the human being, so, God, must have been aware, that they, would be tempted, by Evil. We have, the Divine tree of nature, to tempt us, with the fruit. The Divine, fruit, is not to be consumed. Divine thought, is to be, contemplated. The Seven deadly Sins are there for us to register, temptation. What, it is, to be, a human being, is part of Divine, thought. The temptation of Evil is also, to be noticed and be aware of the Devil, temptation. So, our garden of knowledge is the fruit, not to be devoured and this is, the garden of the heart. Divine contemplation is love.

We have, the contemplation, of Divine love and then, we have, the circle of, the Divine Saints and that is, what your stars are for, to nominate, their Divine love, of the Lord. Each star, represents, a star of David and that is, why we had Christ, he was born of a star and that is, why he is an angel. God, took, Christ, to Heaven, to protect him, from, Divine love. Divine love, goes in a curve and that is, why we have mathematical equations, of Jesus. The architecture, of the, Divine temples, of the Lord, have a, Divine section, for the floor plan and this is, representative of, the nautilus shell as like a symmetrical equation or the cross section, of the shell. The Divine section, speaks of the sea and where, Christ saw Heaven. Early gods, of the sea were Poseidon but Christ referred to Moses. The Pearly Gates are recommended, as an entrance, to the sea. The temples were their gateway to Heaven and this is why they refer to your shell, the outer being that resides in Heaven. When your Spirit is drifted away by the currents of the sea, the wind drifts on by. Gloss bless the sea, the Heaven and the rock. Our Divine section, is our nautilus.