Friday, September 11, 2015

page 36

Nicole Page-Smith


The tree, of man, is the tree, of thought, for we are man and he is God. God is the all knowing one. Trees are thinking away, there, for God, too. Trees move, in the breeze while the tree of thought, our Spirit, is moved, by thinking. We are the Spirit of the wind. Trees are of the Spirit, of thought, for they bend and we straighten. We are the Spirit, of the tree, for we are wind, when, he is, Spirit. He is, God, the Father, when, he is one, with nature. Flowers are, of the tree, when, they are thought, for they have thought, of God, too. We flower, when they grow, for they grow, for man, the man, of God. We are, a flowering, tree, for God, for we think and he knows. Trees think, with their leaves, facing the Sun. The root of God is the tree of man and the flowers are our Sun. When, we think about trees, they warm our hearts, in the Sun, they bend and we fold. Trees blow in the breeze. We flower in the Sun and bask in the glory day, of God. We are the eyes of God, when we are tree, with him, for we are his garden leaves, in the Sun. The flowering tree is our thought patterns and we are his love, for God, as we are Seven angels.

Seven angels sit in the trees and look at you as you look, at Christ. Christ is the man, of God. Trees are golden and the birds of Paradise, our golden angels, fly, to Heaven, when, they see you looking, at man. Man is the Christian believer, the Christ, of God. Golden, are our trees, for God, but as golden as our trees are, our angels are golden, too, for our angels are, of Paradise and, they are multi-coloured and, the colour of the angel, golden, for God. The colour of ascension, takes us, to Heaven and we fly like the birds, in the trees, they are golden, too, as they shimmer, in the light, of Christ. The light, of Christ, is the colour, of an angel as it is golden, too, with the light, of Christ. We have a heart like an antique vase, of flowers, for we are, tree, when, we are, in Heaven. Our angel, is the colour of ascension, for our angel, reflects, our heart. Our heart reflects nature, in Heaven, for we are, a flowering tree. In Heaven, we are flowers, for God. In nature, we are flowers, on the tree. Our tree is our golden angel. God is our tree, and love is our heart, when we are his tree, and golden are the angels of love.

When, we are golden, our clouds, are, in Heaven. We float on by, with the angels. Our atmosphere is golden, with the Sun, of a new coming day and God basks, in our ray, of light. We transpire. Angels live amongst us, for we are blessed and they light up our life because they are golden, they shine and, we shine with them, for they respond to our love. Angels of love are golden. Gold is our ceiling, for we are one, with God. Our ceiling is our Heaven and we carry our cloud, of Heaven, around, with us. Angels sing in the glory day, of Heaven. When, we are cloud, with God, we are one, with Heaven. When, we are Spirit, we are one, with the Earth. Stars appear during the day, if you are blessed. We look and they follow. Stars, love us, in Heaven, too, for we reflect, their face. We are, the light, of God. In the light of our tree, we are light. When, trees reflect God, they are a colour of imagining, for God. What is the hue of the sky? God's Divine, colour, blue.

When, the darkness of the sky, is lit, with stars, we are speaking, about, Divinity. The Virgin Mary, is encrusted with crowns, for the crowning, Glory of God, for she is, Mary, and Mary, is blue. The, Virgin Mary, reflects, Heaven and the sea. The sea and the sky, reflect Heaven. At the night sky, the Virgin Mary, reflects Heaven, for blue is the colour, of Divinity and of the sky. The sea green takes you to the Virgin Mary, too. Crowns of Glory, take you, to the sea. The crown, of Divinity, is the sea, with the Glory crown of Mary, the Virgin of the sea, reflecting Heaven, the Heaven of the sky. Blue is her heralding angel. Blue, the colour of Divinity, is love and like a patron Saint, of the arts, the Virgin, resides, in our hearts. Mary was blessed, a Saint, the Virgin, is where she lay. We are reminded of Jesus. God bless, the Virgin Mary.

The sky is blue and God bless, the angels, of the sky. The garden is green, with Spring flowers and God bless, your garden as the angels, reside, in your heart. Your flowers are blessed, in the sunshine and God bless, the sunshine. We are rain when, we are in love, with the garden and the angels fly, to Heaven, with the birds. We are, in Heaven, when, we have reached, the starry sky, above, and God bless, the stars as they reflect your love, in the garden. When, we have reached, God, in our heart, God blesses, the garden, of your heart. You see the blue, of the sky and nothing else matters as you feel you are starlight, in the night sky. God, say a prayer, for your heart, in the garden of love. Angels are blessed, to keep you, there, in the Heaven, in your heart. Stars are blessed, to be, in the night sky, above, for we are the sky, in love, with Heaven and God. We are the stars, in our hearts. An angel, take my heart, to love. With, our Spirit's ascension, to God, we are starlight, for Heaven. We are the stars, above and we shine brightly, in the night sky. For the day, we are the white light, of God and at night, our light is reflected, in the darkness. We are the sky.