Friday, September 4, 2015

page 35

Nicole Page-Smith


In Paradise, God created a garden so, magical and strange, that human beings were born, of the feather. Divine birds, frequented this place, of Paradise and the plants of nature, for the Divine transport, of the human beings, God, created, to appreciate his angel. A Heaven on Earth is often confused with, The Fall of Man, from God's Divine, Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were in Paradise, for the angel and sat on the tree of man. Divine fruit, was on offer but never available. You have to conceptualize fruit, to eat the fruit. The fruit of man is not the fruit, of God or the apple on the tree. The tree of man is the tree of God. We are God, in Paradise. Our garden is our fruit but we are man. Our fruit is our tree because we are his garden of fruit. Christ, of the garden of love, is our golden bough, our tree to fall, upon. We are of the fruit when, we are man and of the Paradise, when we are angel, so, God gave us fruit. Our golden ascension, to the Cross, had eyes and these were stars, for God. The fruit, took us, to Paradise and our tree is God. God took us to love as our tree is love and the branches of humanity are our fingers. The tree of God is man, as our heart takes us, to the angels via the stars. God love the Paradise, in Heaven, for we are the stars, where we reflect love. The love reflects our heart in, the Garden of Eden. The birds reflect our heart because they ascend and here, we fly upwards to God.

We have seven eyes when we see for God, we see his love and he sends us, an angel. Seven, are our ascension colours, so, we see him, in the rainbows and the clouds. We see him, in Divine gifts, of the Earth. Everywhere, in nature, we can see evidence, of his love. Love is the ascension of an angel. When, there are rainbows, in the clouds, we are angels, for God. We see his love and he sees our angel. God shines like the Sun, through, the clouds and our pot of gold, is his love. We reflect angels, when, we look at the stars because we reflect God, in Heaven and the starlight shines down on us. Heaven is our angel, for our angel is golden. Love is our Heaven. Our golden love, in Heaven, is reflected by everything, we do. Where your heart is placed, reflects, who you are. The love in our heart is golden. Place your heart, next to God, as he, is our reflection. Our heart reflects the clouds as they blow in the wind. Our love reflects the rain.

God cries, when, we are in Heaven and that is why, the sky is crying, when, it rains. The clouds, speak, to your heart and a rainbow, appears, to give God, hope. The angels all speak of love, in your heart and that is why they communicate, your heart. God loves you, too much, in Heaven and that is why, he cries, when you, fall in love. He knows, love hurts, but forgot to tell us, about that. God, send an angel, to my heart. Place a cloud, there, too, to soak up the tears, of the angels, in the clouds. The sky is crying, when it rains. God loves us, too much, to watch us suffer and we suffer, for the love, of Christ, as he suffered, for our Sin. We suffered, Seven Sins, for Christ and he suffered, one. The love of God was too, deep. Flowers smile at you, when it rains, as they love you for planting them, in God's garden. God smiles on you, when, there is sunshine and that is why, he creates a rainbow, when it rains. Rainbows love you, for they are, God. Clouds, love you because it rains. Love, loves you because it hurts.

When, God loves you, you are the sky, with him and your love floats along, with the clouds. As the clouds, part, for a bright sunny day, you shine like an angel, for God, in bright sunshine. We are, the breeze with God when, we move the leaves, on the trees. We are the wind, for we are Spirit, with the wind. We fly like an angel, for we are, Spirit. We are mind, when, we are Spirit, for we are Spirit, with the tree. Trees take us to the Spirit, for we are forest, with the leaves. We are the sunshine, when, the birds sing. Birds sing, our tune as we are in love, with God. We are in love, with sunshine, when, it keeps, our hearts warm. We are in love, with God, when, we fly to him, on angel's wings. Our heart is in love, when, it feels the warmth, of the sunshine, for God is the warmth of love. The clouds, love to, love you as they blow along, with the wind and the angels. The trees smile at you because secretly, in their leaves, they know you love, God. God loves you smiling, at him, thinking of the trees, in the sunshine. The leaves fall, in the late Sun, of Autumn, waiting for, the Spirits, of the snow. We are inside, for the warmth.

Seven times, during your life, God sends you, Seven miracles, for the miracle, of Christ. You are born, of the miracle, of God, your childhood, is a miracle, your teenage years, observe your miracle, adulthood, is your miracle, for Christ, you are born, of maturity, for the miracle, old age, is a miracle and death, is the miracle, of Heaven. The miracle, of Christ, is to be observed, in maturity. We observe Christ, in the glory day, for the warmth of God, is upon us. Pray to God, for his love and when the warmth, of God, is upon you, pray for the miracle, to be observed, as he is love and he is you. Your miracle, is Christ. To find love, in your heart, is a miracle, the miracle observed, by God. Miracles are donated, from the Seven angels and love take you to one, everyday. Miracles occur, in the clouds, when, Christ, mentions your name and your name is, Christ, to the, Holy Spirit, for we are one, with God, when, we are born. When, you feel, the miracle of Christ, grow stronger, through, maturity, tell God, the miracle, of Heaven, is yet to come, for we are God, in Heaven, when, we receive, his angel. The miracle of love, is enjoyed, through, Spring, flowers, in the rain and they glisten, in the Sun. The four Seasons, reflect our heart as we are tied, into a quartering, of the Earth and the planets, inform you, of Christ. The planets, spin in our head as the stars take our heart, to the stardust, of Heaven. Winter, is the best time, to contemplate, our death and God be observed, in Heaven. The miracle, of Christ, is upon you.