Thursday, September 17, 2015

page 37

Nicole Page-Smith


When, we are the moon, we are the sky, the stars and the trees, agree, too. Please tell God, said the tree to the moon that we are the Sun. The sky agreed with the Sun. Heaven agreed with the stars that we are love. God told us we were love, also. When, the sky and the moon, and the stars, agree, God smiles, in Heaven. God smiles, in Heaven, for we are love. Stars, smile, in Heaven, for we are the stars, of Heaven. Stars take us to love. When, you are, in Heaven, wish upon a star. When, you are in love, wish upon your love. Skies and Heaven, tell the trees, for God, to notice. Stars, explain, to Heaven and God, send an angel.

The Hell of a Whore beast, mother of all Evil, for some, is the human being, with Seven eyes, for God. Seven verses, ten of them known to Christ and the three graces, are the mother three. The Holy Trinity does take you to God. And then, we are taken down the soul river, to Christ. For some, it is blasphemy to mention the other three heads. Glory be to God. The, Virgin Mary, is blessed, by an angel and we have to be aware, of the Seven verses, to receive, the Seven graces. Every grace is turned to Hell or the Sin of the deadly, if it is not received. The Seven deadly Sins, do describe, what it is to be a human being and then, we are whoring with Christ. The beast of wrath is the human being and the mother of all Evil, is the self. God say a prayer and know thy self, for God. The Spirit, is our egress, do not cross the river. When, you are, graced, by God, you have ten horns of the Lamb and remember it well. Do not trespass.

Hell's Gate, for the blessed, is no river. The garden valley, of Christ, is a walkway, through, Heaven. Heaven, is the path, you walk, along. As we walk, along, our garden path, sometimes, we see heavenly angels, where the demons, from Hell, should not trespass. Sin is for the deadly and you are taking yourself, to death, by Hell. There are Seven gates of Hell, as there are Seven deadly Sins and the Devil tempts you, at every gate, so, beware, of the Devil. The Seven pathways are not to be trodden, lightly and as we go deeper, inside ourselves, our Spirit knows, the true pathway. Every garden of Virtue has a garden of Vice. The realms of the self, take you, to the Devil's gate, the abyss of the self and this is the place, of a pathway, to egress. God, will take you to Satan, if you Sin. Heaven and the sacred realms of the self, are echoed all the way up, to the sky. Our heart knows no further depth. The blessed find a true angel, in Heaven. The garden of the blessed, knows, no Sin. The Divine, garden of love, takes you, to Heaven and here, Seven garden gates, await you. Do not enter the wrong gate.

The wrong gate is the wrong turn and do not enter the Devil's gate. The gate of no return, is temptation, for Sinners and where, the Devil, takes you. If you are conned, by the Devil, you are Satan, himself. Seven eyes, has the way of the Lord. God sees you, in Seven ways, for Christ. Amen. Seven Sins, did he commit, one, to be born, of Christ, two, to be born of day, three, to be, of the day, four, to be up and running, five, to be, on the move, six, to be, in the Sin and seven, to be, of the Cross. The tree of Christ, is of the Cross, we sway, while, it bends. It loves and we are forever. Forever loved, by Christ, is God, is the wind, the Spirit and the tree. God whispered in your ear, said the snake. The Fall of man, is Sin. Get your filth, out of the garden or do not Sin in front of Jesus. The tree of knowledge is the tree of thought. Do not trespass, the path of Sin. The trodden path, of nowhere, leads to the abyss, of Sin. Cross my path, no more, Devil's Evil. Sin is for Satan. God, ate the apple as we had already, trodden, his pathway. Sin, for Adam, no more. Seven eyes are upon us, for Sin. The Devil, take the pain, away. Your heart is your angel. God bless.

When, you observe, the angelic order of God, you are blessed by an angel, God bless. When, you are blessed by nature, you are naked in the garden, of Christ, God bless. When, you are naked in the garden, of Christ, you are blessed by an angel and God love the order of Christ. When, God loves you in the garden, the snake whispers your name, in the tree. God bless, the snake. When, the snake hides, in the tree, you are, the Devil, to the snake. God, protect the tree. The snake said to the Devil: I am the tree. The tree of life has a soul. The tree of the Willow is a Chestnut, of worth, do not tell, the tree, of the water's edge. Now, the tree, said to Satan: do not grow, by the water's edge and the water said to Sin: not today, thank you. Do not frolic, by the water, with the tree. The tree is related to Satan. Sin is related to Hell, but do not tell the tree, about, wisdom. For, sacred is the tree: said the snake. We are one river.