Friday, October 2, 2015

page 39

Nicole Page-Smith


When you face the sea, you face death. The sea is our emotional life and takes us to the sea, and this reflection is all to soon, for the living, to contemplate. When we look at the sea, we are contemplating our emotional life, death, takes us there, to the sea. We die at sea and our Divine knowledge is buried, there, at sea. How could our sacred knowledge line the ocean floor, only there, for God to observe and the sea entrance and, why does God have us contemplate the golden section of nature, with the sea? The treasure is hidden on the ocean floor. We eat of the sea but we do not trespass. The Divine symmetry of nature is our reflection and we have measured the rule. Painters of old, during Renaissance Italy, used the rule of thumb. Divine symmetry was there Divine geometry. The background plan, for most of the paintings constructed, was that of the section of gold, a golden rule and the golden section. To contemplate God we have to observe the golden curve, a sea of nature, in itself. The sea is our golden home, for God. Seven times you will be blessed.

Seven places in the sea we are blessed in Heaven. We are blessed to be washed, we are blessed to see wine, we are blessed to see love, we are blessed to see the rosebush and coral of another name, we are blessed to see God, we are blessed to see the sea as we are blessed to observe. Heaven is our pathway to the sea. The sea is golden and this is the section to be observed by. Does the sea look at us? Only from Heaven and where, Divine symmetry is equated mathematically. What do we look like to Heaven? A refection of ourselves and if we then, dive back, down into the ocean, we swim with the coral fishes and glimmer in the sunlight, they are brightly coloured as we are golden. The bright colours are the coral fishes camouflage. We are of the shell as we are of the pearl and the gates await you. Heaven is the gate and we are the pearl. Fish swim on through the gate. We are transparent with the sea. Our Spirit take us, there, to the sea. In the golden section of our nautilus, we are the symmetry of the sea. Each segment equals a part of God and a piece of Heaven. We are Heaven, for the sea.

When, the birds, fly by your grave, you are, blessed, by the sea in the sky, the angels sing your name and your Spirit flies to Heaven. Fly on Spirit to your grave. When the sky blesses the sea, you are worth and fly on birds, of the sea. Angels tell you your name, is the sea, at birth and fly on Spirit, with the wind. Fly, fly Spirit, to God, in the sand, for God walked on the water's edge. When angels, of the sea, bless your name, God laughs and the sea creatures, twirl and tumble, and bless the sea. Fly, fly, Spirit, higher, to God. When the angles, of the sea, call your name the trumpets of Heaven, repeat the call. You are, blessed, by your angel, by the sea, the Spirit is awash and Hell is for Sinners, of the sea. God redeem the Sin, of Evil. All rivers of Sin, meet the sea, in the sea, of Galilee. Seven eyes are upon us and Seven Sins befall the wicked. Evil has, no place, in your sea. The sea of life is the sea of birth and the nautilus tells us this. We are the shell and he is, the sea. Our sea is our spiritual home, for God. Find your ocean, to find the sea. When, love, is at sea, you are buoyant as you have taken, the raft, to sea, your Spirit is on a journey. The voyage, out to sea, takes your grave away and you are born, again, out at sea. The Spirit of death is upon you and God bless, the sea. Love, is the ocean, for the blessed. Our Spirit is out to sea. The sailing boat of love, take my breath, away, to another eternity. Love is eternal and so is the sea of love.

Love takes you to the sea. The sea of change is the sea of love and God change the direction of the wind, currents of an ocean abroad. Currents of the wind, change direction and there is, a sea of change, in the wind. The, direction of the currents, are, noticeable and sometimes, change like the changing direction of schools of fish, who dart about in the sunlight, chasing the waves. Waves of change are waves of thought. Changing the direction of the wind, is useful, for God, we encourage solar winds as we spin on an axis and reflect the poles. The currents of sea are seasonal and do reflect our position in the Solar system. How far away, from the Sun, we are and other positions, of similar rotating planets, does reflect the gravitational pull, of the Earth and you will notice a change of direction, in the river flow and this will be when schools of salmon, will be spawned. Other, activities in the ocean, like, for example, warm river currents and an ocean breeze to fish, have the marine life, foaling young. The oceans warm, as the Seasons change and become warmer, some ocean mammals find shelter in nearby sand dunes, where they will make a nest. Migrating birds are Seasonal and fly with the wind.

Your Spirit flies with the wind, it travels along and you follow. When, at sea, your Spirit flies, to eternity. The birds carry you along, on the winds edge like the tip of a wing and you fly with the migratory birds, to your Spirit's home, where your Spirit is warm and nurtured by God. Your Spirit is part of God's realm and that is why you are sacred to God. Your soul is a mirror for reflection and that is why Seven colours, fly onto you. At sea, the birds take you, there, to, an ascension of the sea, a Heaven, of love, with the Paradise, of the ocean. The Paradise, of migratory birds, who frequent, islands of a Paradise, for birds, are God's love, they teach you of ascension as they fly upwards with the wind, a breath, in the knowing of God. We measure our love, of God, by how much we can see, Heaven. The birds show us Heaven, even if, we are not listening. The sea, the wind and the rain take your cloud of love onwards. Our spirit is in love, with God and the angels in Heaven, when, the rainbow appears amongst the clouds. Fly, beautiful Spirit to God, on a windy day, race with the clouds, to Heaven. We reflect the Seven stars, of Heaven, in the sea.