Friday, August 21, 2015

page 33

Nicole Page-Smith


When you are in Heaven, you are observed by the clouds and the angels look down on you. God observe my name. Clouds have the eyes of angels because it rains. God cries, too, when you are sad, as he knows you are not feeling his love, in Heaven. The sky observes you as God is looking in. The planets and the Universe, do observe you, too. We feel the pull of the planets and their moons, while they circle around, in a circle. The Sun is our epicenter, for the Universe, while the stars guard our seven ways of being. We are in harmony, when the angels, speak our name and the clouds, face the sky, for an answer. The sky reflects our heart, when we are, in Heaven. We reflect the sky, when angels, speak to our heart. We are, under the stars, for God. A reflection of God, in Heaven, is your guiding star. Comets and falling stars, tell you the direction of the wind, with the changing Season, bringing you, with you. God take me to my star path, so, I reflect the angels, in the clouds.

The moon reflects the clouds, on a starlit night and then, we see the star of Jesus. The pattern, of the Cross, is only available, on a well lit night. The Earth is in the shadow of the Sun, at night. The starlit night, nominates, Jesus Christ. Heaven is above, in the night sky and stars light up the way. When, the clouds, pass a shadow, over the moon, the stars shine brightly, above. The sky is a Heaven, above, Jesus. Stars show the way. The ring of stars, above Jesus, demonstrates, his Christian brethren. The Lord, saw him there, praying for Jesus. He was anointed a Saint. Amen. God, love Jesus, in Heaven, under the stars. We see, Jesus, in broad daylight, but he only sees God. We are bathed, in the light of his face, as he is the face of God. Stars are the face of God, as they reflect Heaven. Love God, to love you, in Heaven, as he is our face and we smile. Stars twinkle, above Heaven, when God, smiles back. God, be your stars, above and, you be, his Heaven. We are love, in Heaven. Jesus, hold your star.

For, Seven reasons, Jesus, holds your star and for, Seven knowing reasons. The known reason, of God, is Jesus. Eyes take us to Heaven. There are eyes in nature and they see as they look up, to the sky. Do I have eyes that see, God in Heaven? My eyes tell me, this, is the pathway and we see. There are angels, in the trees and they see you. There are creatures, in nature and they observe. There are angels, in flowers and they only observe, God, like the butterflies. Butterflies ascend light. There are eyes, in Heaven and they gaze down upon us, like the stars, at night. Nature observes itself. We seem to have very little purpose, for God, amongst nature and the trees. All creatures do see us pass by and the trees seem to recognize us, unobserved. We, observe, the way of nature as it speaks to our heart and quite often, the beauty of the vista, takes us to Heaven. However, we walk along as though our purpose is needless and we could have been born, a butterfly or a tree, with more purpose, for God.

As butterflies ascend God's Divine purpose we notice God, in the trees and flowers, the butterflies flutter around. As needless as our purpose is, in God's Divine garden and the Heaven on Earth, a creation for our view, we represent God, in observing, his Divine, gifts of love, to our heart. The heart is in a flutter for God, in his garden. We ascend the knowledge, of his view and the birds tell us, of Christ, for he ascended, to Heaven, for the love of God. The birds fly in the sky. Our heart drifts up, to Heaven, in the sky like a cloud, on a windy day and we fly like the birds, in our heart, to God. Heaven observes we care. God observes we notice him, in Heaven and we continue walking his pathway. Love is a trodden path and Christ, observed our name, amongst the trees. The bird of the heart, fly onto me, and God, fly onto me like the wind. The wind carries our heart along like sheets of rain, with an incoming storm being, our love for God. The sea holds our heart, at high tide, while the rivers swell, with our love. Seven eyes reflect God, like seven rivers, in full flow and the birds, tell the angels, of the night sky, of Heaven, about the Sun. The stars, above, take our hearts, to Heaven.

Often, in the history of time, the stars were observed, as they nominate our heritage and the history of the Earth. You could tell the age, of plant life, on Earth, by observing the stars and if you equated, how often the Earth, had circulated around the Sun, this would be an indication. Certain, ancient books, will describe the benefit of planting plants, under star patterns, of a certain Season, this is a very old practice and would have been the main indicator, of God, in the sky, from early Christian times. Philosophy, from the beginning of Christianity, does speak of God, contributed mathematically, so, you could literally, count up the days, until planting time was necessary and then, observe the star patterns, an early equation, of the calendar month. These days, we have the pretty, art picture, variety of calendar, stuck on the fridge, to nominate, the calendar month and day of the week, to notice. Prior to this, they had to make a mathematical observation as to where Heaven was and what God meant by planting the seed. One plus one, should equal God, and man should listen to his heart, where a star pattern is reflected. We all have one purpose for God and that is, Heaven.