Saturday, August 1, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


The angel of love fly on unto me, Christ said my name. Christ, be my bride, as Jesus was my name in Heaven. God, fly on with me, as the Holy Spirit is in vain. The Holy Spirit fly on up to me as Heaven is my name. Fly, fly, Spirit, unto God. The ground is my home and the Earth holds my name. Fly and fly, Spirit, with the wind, as the birds hold your name in the treetops. Fly, fly, angel, with the wind, as God, holds your name. Fly, fly on angel, as love holds your name. Fly, fly to me Spirit, as the Earth is my name, the Earth is my home for the Spirit of an angel. The angel lives next door to your name. Angels live in Heaven, as Christ, said so. My name is in Heaven as an angel took it there, Christ told me why as I told him so. I am an angel for Christ.

Christ was crucified for the Sin of the people in Seven ways to Christ and that is why the seventh angel took him to Heaven. Seven angels looked down upon him, on the angel of love, Jesus Christ. He had a heart of an angel. God took him to a sacred place in Heaven to be watched over by angels. There is a sacred place in Heaven, just reserved for angels. Christ's angel lives there and echoes our heart in Heaven. There is a sacred grove with a sacred passageway to love and Heaven reflects our heart, sacred is the way to love. Our angel finds a place in Heaven and quite often this is a place sacred to our heart, and there is Heaven on Earth for some people. Your passageway is your sacred grove and your heart shows you the way, God hold my hand. Seven colours are the angels in our heart and these reflect our passageway. So, when you are walking along and you notice some beautiful colours of ascension, ask God if this equals love. The angels fly on to God. When you are walking through nature and there are Spring flowers all around you, ask God if this is what he meant by the ascension of an angel or is this love? Love is the ascension of an angel.

Angels ascend themselves for love. Colour reflects the clouds in Heaven and the seven colours of the angel reflect God. Wings travel upwards like birds in a tree and we find love that way, in a tree. The ascension colours of birds reflect the Sun and the Sun reflects the clouds. In the clouds, we see the translucent colours of love reflected in the angel's wings. God reflects the rain, the Sun and the wind, and we fly on to the sky on a bird's wing. Birds reflect God in the sky, as they equal his love, angels transpire. When we feel the love of an angel, we are blessed. Our colour is white in the clouds and this reflects God, we rise up further for God and fly with his angel. Trees touch the sky with their leaves, and this is why "we are blessed by the birds", and, God loves the trees in your garden of love. The garden of love holds our heart as the birds reflect your angel. Birds of the tree reflect God and that is why they tell you he is in love with their song. The birds call his name and seven songs they have for Jesus and his angel is their love. Birds fly out of your heart when you are blessed. God send an angel.

An angel was sent to Christ for love and God send an angel to my side. What is the deconstruction of love? The Seven eyes of God, the Seven eyes of man or the Seven eyes of Sin? To be or being human? What is being, then, to be a human being? There are Seven ways of being a human being or Seven angels, so, what does our seventh angel say? I am blessed. Then, Christ came along, blessed by an angel and we had to address all Seven sides of ourselves because God thought we had Sinned, being, and being a human being. So, what had we done wrong, do you imagine? Sin? Not addressed our selves? Not been our self? What are all those biblical stories about that through the ages have been so contextual and contextualized, for translation? What do the biblical stories rally up? Mainly, the big love question or God. What is the big love question? The human being and what it is to be. So, why does it take us Seven ways to get it all so horribly wrong? Christ was blessing the sea, walking on water, creating a feast, changing water to wine, being blessed by St. John the Baptist, healing the blind, the sick, and the lame and then, was Crucified for our Sin.  

Christ, was Divine, and Seven times was he blessed, by the sea, the waves came to shore and our Sin was annulled. Our Sin was Divine and at shore. We were blessed by the water and by wine. We were blessed by the bread and by feast. We were blessed by God Seven times. We were blessed by the angel for Christ, for Seven colours, he had. Divine is the colour, of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the Christ, who did rise, for our Sin. Divine is his colour of ascension. Divine is the colour of the Lord. In Heaven we are Divine angels for Christ. Christ is our angel in Heaven. Amen, for the blessing of Christ. The stars look down upon you and this is why, you, are blessed, by the stars, for they tell you, of Heaven. Stars in Heaven, is where we go to find God. The reflection is Heaven. On Earth, we are reflected in Heaven and that is why we see our Divine pathway. The stars are all for our blessing and that is why Christ was put here, on Earth, to be blessed by God. The landscape is blessed and that is why nature tells you of the stars, the night sky is blessed and that is why we are here, on Earth, to be blessed. During the day, love takes you to Christ, in the landscape, where he was blessed and there we see our pathway. Love is our pathway for the blessed. So, God bless us Seven times for Christ.