Friday, August 14, 2015

page 32

Nicole Page-Smith


When the colours of the angels appear in your home you are blessed by an angel, God say your name. Colours of ascension take you further via the angels, to God. Angels take you further and fly with your Spirit to Heaven, where the colours of angels, live. We see the colours of the angels, down here, on Earth, in nature, with the little creatures of God and these remind us of ascension. Colourful birds fly upwards, towards the sky, and this is to remind us, God lives in Heaven, up above the clouds, somewhere. God, also, lives in nature and that is why we know nature, as it is beautifully coloured, with a reflection of the sky and God in Heaven. For those, who do not see, gardens are beautifully scented, with the smell of flowers and you can feel the velvety undergrowth, if you walk barefoot. The garden of love is the garden of ascension, and this is why gardens can be beautiful via nature, as we are via God, to think, breath, smell the flowers and feel the gentleness of nature, as though a little bird has brushed your cheek. God bless the angels. Birds fly in the trees and inform God of nature by ascending our love unto him. Fly Spirit unto God, and dapple the trees with sunlight. Your garden is your home and God take you to your garden to embrace your seven angels of love. Christ, say a prayer.

In Heaven, stars nominate the way and God, say a prayer. Twelve stars show you the position of Christ on the Cross. God, say my name, for I observe Heaven, in the stars. Heaven is the home of Christ and this is why Heaven is your heart. We are sacred to God, when we are in Heaven. Sacred is our path to God, with a lighted way from the heavens, above. Stars shows you the way of the light of Heaven and God lights up the starry night sky, above, as he illuminates your heart about ascension. The daytime sky is our heavenly abode, to see our way forward, on our pathway to love and our path is trespassed by an angel. We fly like the angels as our heart ascends. Heaven resides in the heart so God knows where to take you, when you are in love. The gods take you to your sacred garden, to place you there, in Heaven, and you sit in the garden of love, among the angels, where you notice the seven colours of ascension. Angels are love in your garden and this is why they are seven. Seven is taken to the seven points of the body where we feel God's sacred love. I am blessed, for I am sacred to God, in his garden of love.

In the heart of others you are blessed for God. They can only see your true colours if they are blessed by God. True is the colour of love. We have seven angels in Heaven for we are blessed and plant seven trees in your garden. The seven trees grow into seven species and then we are blessed. Seven birds in your garden, means seven reasons for seven different angels, for God. All birds are angels of God, as they frequent the sky and fly around in your garden. Trees, God blesses, as the angels of the sky frequent them. Angels are blessed in the sky as they fly like birds in the trees, blessed by God. Flying is something our Spirit needs to do, but, do not ask God, as it is not time for the last door, yet. Heaven knows flight.

Death knows more. Heaven knows the rest. The thoroughfare of angels between our earthly domain and heaven must be like a highway for the Spirit. However, when we think of dying and where we are going to go, we only think of Spirit, where nobody is there to join us. We almost become the atmosphere and the clouds, full of angels. Pure Spirit is like we evaporate with the wind and fly off with the passing clouds, to Heaven. Seven is the only number known to God. 

When we reach our seventh Heaven, we are in Heaven. We are often interpreted through beasts of knowing, as though we have seven heads, only seven realms of understanding, God. Seven sensations, do we transpire, for God and we smell God in beautiful flowers, for we are the Earth of God. We taste God in the Earth, for we delight of the fruits of nature. We feel God in our heart for our Spirit tells us to enjoy the Sun. Earth has our senses and we hear God coming. The sight of God is to behold and we are thought for we are mindful of the Earth. When we are thought, we are only thinking of God. God touched my heart.