Friday, August 7, 2015

page 31

Nicole Page-Smith


Our heart knows Seven colours and they are radiated from Heaven by God, so, God can see his love working by an angel. The angel of love has an angel of love reflected in your heart and the more you love, the more God can see your angels of love in Heaven. Angels walk around amongst us. We carry our angel of love around with our view of Heaven. Angels sleep amongst us. Angels fly to Heaven each day at sunrise on a mission for God. God has to be informed of people, who need more love and an angel take them to your side. At sunset you are blessed by the sky for the view of another day and God bless the angel of love. Ascension colours are to remind you of Heaven, so, we get there. God bless the heavenly angels. Colours are to remind you of love, so, you feel God in your heart. Flowers are to remind you of a bright sunny day and the love of others. Angels like flowers in Heaven, too, as there love is reflected. Our Divine reflection takes us to an angel and here angels see you reflected in Heaven. You see angels when you see Heaven and God takes your heart there, when you are ready, Seven colours, do we see, and this is our ascension.

Our ascension is coloured for God. So, why does God see in colour in Heaven? This would be black and white for God. Where is Heaven for God? If, God is everyone and everything, is Heaven, everywhere and everyone or do we achieve lightness? Is love a heavy load for the heart? Our heart can take us to Heaven, when we find Heaven or a duality of love that sends an angel to your heart. We are supposed to find ascension in our hearts, so, what profoundly deep, situation, could ever take us to the seven colours? Heaven. Do we have a memory of Heaven, from when we are born and need a replacement or top up from God? When our angel flies down from Heaven to give us love and remind us we are living, when we first arrive, do we also have a little piece of Heaven, placed there, in our hearts, as a memory to attain to? This must be our reflection.

Our reflection on the landscape takes us to the Divine reflection in our hearts. The stars show us this with a heavenly view and continue to tell us this in Heaven on our way down to Earth. Where Heaven meets Earth is a Divine place. Heaven tells you this in the stars. When we see starlight in Heaven we are blessed in Bethlehem. When we see Heaven, in another heavenly abode, we are blessed in Heaven for the seventh time. There are seven places like seven sacred stones on the crown of Christ, somewhere, close to your heart. Call the seventh place your home. At night, when we view the starry sky, above, this will be your guide. During the day, the landscape tells you of the light, the pathway is to God, your starlit path. Our euphoria is in the landscape, where you live, and birds inform your heart. Here, wings of Heaven, brush your cheek, as the birds sing to you, of a new coming day. God, also, places the birds, in the treetops, at night, and this is your Spiritual guide to Heaven and trees guide your Spirit.

The angels speak of the colour of the birds and communicate your Spirit to God that way. Angels sit on the trees and are the trees for God as they reflect his song and sing among nature. Angels speak of the light for God and also fly to God like birds among the stars. Angels fly as they speak of the Spirit as birds speak of God and sing his song in their tune. Angels speak of the light all around us and are reflected everywhere in nature like a church window. Inside a church, you will view the sky through stained glass and this is the light of God. The light on your face speaks to the angels about the love in your heart. The language of the angels is written in the stars and trees tell you this about the birds. Nature speaks of God and that is why we see the stars and the night sky tells you. Angels speak of love and that is why there are eyes of nature in the trees, they look at you as the birds pass you by. The Sun breaks through the clouds and the glory of all the angels of Heaven is spoken. God love the Heaven in your heart, where the angel has spoken.

God takes you to Heaven seven times for God. First, it is your feet because you are born, secondly, you crawl below the space on the Cross, thirdly, you are endowed, with a forth equation, for the Cross, where you are Christ, the most, the fifth place in your heart, is for Jesus, as is your love for God, the sixth time you love the Father, you are in Heaven, as God sent an angel, to Christ and then, you are of the Cross. Christ, died, on the Cross, for the seventh angel of Heaven. God say a prayer for your angel, and where you travel for God is your seventh angel. May your Spirit fly unto him. For the love of Christ, your Spirit becomes one with God. The love that is death is the Crucifixion. Let your heart die on unto him. The light of God resides in your heart, and let the Spirit fly on unto him. We only see true ascension, when we have gone to God, and let him take you to Heaven. Love is true ascension.