Thursday, April 30, 2020

We breathe blue water

Nicole Page-Smith

We breathe blue water

The sky is blue and water evaporates from the rivers. Streams and the sea, creek beds all ascend into the clouds, falling down through rain but also separate into water and air. Plant life of the sea, whale food and the plankton of the ocean provide our breath. We breathe. 

Oceans and oceans apart from the water have us breathe. Breathing fresh air and water we are breathing. Oh, oceanic gods and my maid we need your water. Water has not always equaled the liquid, fluid substance we know and once stars, water is the very liquid substance humans are, too. We are like the ocean. Crawling out of the sea we are stars more star than water. We exist in the stars as with water but are not just rock and surfacing like whales of the sea we are not marine animals although warm blooded mammals like the sea. Breathing living rock like and stars we move about on land more than sea. The seas are rising, the poles are melting but we still frequent land masses more than the sea. The air by the sea seems fresher and we are freer by the sea. Water seems to be the whole point to creation and in twos we are twos or three. We walk in twos with the dove.

Inland we breathe and think of the sea.

Leaves, leaves on the trees and birds. Birds, like being birds. All here. Once the island of the birds used to be only birds with no humans to chase them away. Birds resplendent and not chased, away. When, the people depart from the island of the birds, all the birds will take over and re-inhabit where people used to be. Forests are also, places to breathe, breathing like birds chirping, flittering through, in flocks. People once inhabited the island of the birds and like the breath of the spirit birds fly through air. Birds breathing and only taking up a breath. Flocks flying, glittering, darting about, the colours, bright, blue and gold, appearing like sunlight, hitting leaves, falling, through the air. The air breathing.

Birds flying. Through trees. Breathing. Do they breathe plankton? Birds living by the sea, in forests appear happy and sheltered by the nest. The breath is flight. Flight and breath. Flying. Blue can be flight and birds really appreciate the water, celebrating the rain. The fishes of the sea enjoy the ocean and the abundance of food. You could not imagine the plant-life of the ocean, good for the whales would allow us to breathe. Breathing the ocean as birds fly and the mammals, fish and whales swim, we breathe. We breathe every vaporous drop. Of plankton turned oxygen, we breathe.

Breathing. We breathe and breathing the vaporous air by the sea, we breathe blue water. Water is what we are breathing. Breathing, water we travel through the universe. Universes and water. We are water and breathe. Air is all we need. We are made of stars but need air. On earth we breathe and float in space like stars, a cosmos. Breathing water, we could exist underwater like another species of mammal. Seals are our friend. Other water mammals are like whales, swim in oceans we frequent and we frequent the ocean. Plankton produces the air we breathe as food for the whales, a large percentage of their diet with most of our air. We breathe but blue water is our air. Water is blue. Blue water.