Sunday, April 5, 2020

Leonardo: The sea

Nicole Page-Smith

The sea

Water was my name. The name of water is the deluge. The flood came after the name of water but water that beautiful liquid substance, is my air. 

Flowing air and water following the rain.

The air and the water. Water follows the deluge like the flood.

Running water and a watery name could be called Leonardo. 
Water runs down rivers and along creeks. Trees soak up water. Roots of another name. 
Leaves blow around but water flows and on blowy days, there is often rain.


Water flowing, tears of deluge, the flood.
The deluge was the flood of information, twisting.
Transforming, water , more oxygen. More air. H2O.

Always flowing.
Rivers, creeks, ideas.
Leonardo, drew water, water drawing from the stream. Streaming, water flowing, circulating in maelstroms like leaves blowing. All trickling, continually in flow, down mountains, through streams, cascading waterfalls, down, down, flowing, running along, moving to the sea.

The sea.

By Nicole Page-Smith