Monday, April 6, 2020

The sea

Nicole Page-Smith

The sea

The sea and the water,
Pounding the shore,

Movement, buoyant. The buoyant, water.
Buoys. An anchorage.

The shore, hounding, pounding, with the sea.
We are taken out with ships,

Ships thinking, thinking boats and the sea.
The sea.

Views, the sea, out the window.

The contemplation of the sky, rain in the rain clouds. 
The cliffs deteriorating into the sea.
The sea, the no longer honoured gods,
Whales, dolphins.

The emotive sea, when you hit the open sea, you think of the other side of the horizon, the sea seems to move with your emotions, you travel in memory. Keep travelling, beyond the horizon. Once ships and buoyant seas had ships land with whirling albatross, thundering, lightening and the sea, storms, churning the ocean, stones and lost treasure. Ships at the bottom of the sea. Rolling with bottles, coins once flung out to sea. Washed on the shore.

Like Venus.


Rolling along the bottom of the sea, under the moon.

Washed up, under the moon, one moonlit night, we appeared. Like ancient treasure. We may be the result of the stars. Meteorites created the sea and you feel we may have arrived on earth in a similar way, the result of stardust and bottom of the sea.

We walked the earth, but arrived from earth, almost born of the sea. At the end of the world, the dead started to spring out of their coffins and appeared as though walking but also, we fell apart. The skin and all flesh departed from our bones. The beginning of the world was the same but as skeletons we grew flesh and appeared out of the earth like the dead. Time was in the reversal.

Matter fell apart only to regain matter and the cycles of the universe are the same as seasonal cycles we know on earth. Time is difficult to explain. We are probably completely unaware of our future as the bottom of the sea as the bottom of the sea, has not always been there. Forests now turned to rock. We know of existence but do not exist in existence. Living and dying is a past time of mortals of the earth. Universes, evolutions and the sea would tell the same tale of the universe. You feel as though we float around out there as stardust in a nebular of outer space, in memory. The undefined time of memory. We are given our life as a reminder. The universe is like the sea and is buoyant. We arrived as with water and the sea.

Stars fell to earth.

Stars, stars fell, to earth.
We fell and kept on falling.
To earth.

The sea is the water.
Universes away.
The sky met the sea.
Clouds, water and the sky are where we came from at night.

Stars fell to earth, with shooting stars, meteorites showers, comets and whole universes of what had happened previously on earth.

Stars fell to earth.

Water the sea, the female goddess was Venus.
Shone, shone out at sea and was the watery, moon.
Venus was the water and the sea, but also all spring fountains. The fertile goddess, Venus, is also known for her water. Watery wellsprings of imagination could be on the watery side of the moon or when we see Venus. Planets and Venus are our friend. Shining brightly in the sky, we see her reflecting the watery moon. Universes were born of Venus, our watery maid. Perhaps the water fell from the moon. Venus is known for her water and in reflection of the moon walked from a clam shell. Venus born of the sea provided the watery relationship with the moon. The tides pull at her, at certain times of the year, to be born of the season of the moon. Venus, the watery goddess is almost teary eyed when tides recede and she floats off with the moon. Oh, our watery goddess, Venus and the moon, created all the oceans and the sea. Drifting are the rain clouds out to sea. The rain, Venus and the water, fertilized by water, we are her maid. Oceans will recede with the moon, waxing and waning, we are born of Venus and, the moon. The oceans were born of the relationship with Venus and the moon. The sea.

By Nicole Page-Smith