Monday, October 22, 2018

The place for the Sun

The place for the Sun

Museums are our fire and take you by the church door. Saints are honoured and worshiped as their images are on display. We are on fire like fiery angels and candles in honour of their worth. Paintings and sculptures, mosaics and the Crucifixion take you to the fiery heart of Jesus, we crown the thorn. Our spiritual feeling can  
be warm and we light a candle. Infinite is the purpose of God. God's purpose is of the heart and we are taken back to Jesus. Passion is the passion of Christ and we are taken to the passion of the heart of man. Years of toil, museums lead a fiery pathway. One stands at the Alter like some religious passion play or in front of fragments of alter paintings. Centuries of spiritual feeling, Saints looking up in anguish and pleading God for mercy. You are reminded of anguish. Are we martyred Saints or do people's private devotional worship require a fire of another sort? I would ask God why people require martyred Saints in need of worship. A fire of feeling and we are vaulted back to heaven.

Fire surrounds the Sun and we are reminded of the leaping of fire in flames leaping in the most intense fires to experience. Helium and hot air ballon take us floating with the angels and the clouds in the sky. You wonder why we light ourselves and see the light of heaven. Stars dance around in a heaven on the inside and show you your pathway forward. All the organs are connected to the stars, star patterns, the planets and the seasons. Reflected in dancing meteorites, shooting stars and comets traveling and the reflected light of the universes of stars we exist in their knowledge of God. Angels are our worth. Fire is like the gases of the Sun and drifts off with the clouds or the light on a hot summer's day. Fire is the ether and the heavens, above. Gold is the color of the Sun. The realms of heaven owned by the fire god inside the Sun and charioteers take us along in sunrise and sunset in the sky. Birds chirped in the glory day of the morn but the Sun awoke. In the planets towards the Sun you could almost imagine a place for the Sun god to park his chariot and several other golden chariots. Heaven is the place for the Sun.

Nicole Page-Smith