Saturday, October 13, 2018

The fire of our soul lights the way to God

The fire of our soul lights the way to God

Stars dance like candles in the church, flickering. The cathedral takes you higher and you are born of a mystical light so the elephants dance for you in the cosmos. Ivory is the white of the tusks and twirl as they are allowed to grow. Spiralling with the stars the Holy Spirit is of the milk of God. We are then taken down to the church with images of the Virgin Mary and the candles are lit for the spirit. Virgin and babe are one. Candlelight light flickers. God send a prayer. In the milky cosmos your stars reflect you and we dance. Dancing as though after high tea we think of the angels in heaven. Music takes you there to concerts of music and you feel like angels made the instruments for God to listen. Angels are fire and play the violin as though some other force may have taken over but all sound goes to God. Your heart does honour the saints with further association with heaven and we are taken by the roof, through the roof is as though all concert halls are in churches. Churches sing the song.

Fire is the heart of Jesus and the stars light our universe. You think of the heavenly angels looking down on you in the fiery realms of heaven. The ether will take you there and so will the sky. We think of the clouds and tears fall down like rain but the angels do not want us to think this way for they love us like Jesus in the heart. Heavenly angels dance up there with the stars, dancing. The euphoria of the angels is the music and we sound like an infinite space in heaven. Fire is the sound of the angel's wing of Seraphim and wing beats sound like the heart beat. Music and sound are what our angels do not want us to know only to feel so we are transported. Churches are like churches in the sand and you feel the fire of the sand in sandy places like the desert where the spirit is our fire. In the desert is a hot place and we are vaulted at night with the stars in full view. Stories of old had saints walk through. And Jesus was the fire but not the light, a star. Illuminating our love is God's light. We are on the pathway as though illuminated by some other mysterious source, stars are our illumination but the fire of our soul lights the way to God.

Nicole Page-Smith