Friday, May 20, 2016

The heart was Jesus

The heart was Jesus

by Nicole Page-Smith

There was one Nymph in the forest that day and he saw the light of fire. Pans and Centaurs quite often galloped through, but they were not there that century. Often in hearts of men books were read and gods were known to frequent the forest. An imagined world of creatures is in the hearts of all men. In the forest today we walked. Butterflies frequent the house. Other creatures and gods dance and play but you will only see them in your mind. In an imagined forest you will be but when the Nymph arrives she will appear like a goddess. She was a tree, she will tell you and this is because she is wed. Daphne could be her goddess but not her name. Trees become her and so does the forest maid. She would dance for you but do not ask her to dance in the forest, bare. There are bears in the forest but, no honey, so, do not ask for the honey, maid. Do not trust her children for they are of the honey. When the leaves of the forest trees next fall ask her, her name. She will be of the leaf.

Daphne is of the tree. The trees are to the wind of the Northern forest. There are a lot of Daphnes there, for they are trees. Trees have branches and they grow. The honey tree has wings for there are bees of the honey. Honeybees of the forest take you to the honey maiden. Golden is the bee for the honey. In the hives in the trees we hum for we are of the tree. The tree has Spirits and the Spirit tree is a Daphne of worth. We go to the core and she goes to the being. Daphne is the tree of worth and tree Spirits hum. We are the Spirits of worth in the trees. Maidens go down to the forest to collect the honey and this is a nature of worth for raw honey lives in trees. The wild honey of the bees is a treat. Mother Nature treads her Earth. Daphne grows on with the tree Spirits. Leaves are to fall.

The leaves of Earth are to fall. Fallen are the leaves on the ground. When we grow with her Spirit we are tree and that is why we call her Daphne. There are Spirits all around in the forest for she is tree. There are honey birds in the forest to eat her honey. There are bees with wings and the vice is death. Birds and butterflies teach us of ascension and fly upwards. The vice of the forest is all too human. Birds live there. Pans are for the faun and Centaurs show them there home, it is a planetary line in the sky. This is a garden of Virtue. The heavenly domain has been blessed before. Minerva was the starry path to watch at night. Saint Mary Magdalene observed the stars. The pathway was a Christian Virtue to observe the Saints. If you are blessed, you will see the stars at night. Leaves may fall but Saints trespass the sky. We all observe the Saints at night while we sleep, they occur in our dreams and trespass the night sky in a starry way. Stars observe the way.

Viewing the stars at night, you can imagine the gaze of divinely inspired visionaries and Saints being informed, by God, they would map the way. Guided by the stars the Saints walk their pathway. The encrypted code of the stars above is a language and guide for our heart to govern. The language of God and the gods appears to inform our whole life where, star patterns Divine the Universe away and, we are left to Divine the oracle of love. Saint Mary Magdalene contemplated the Crucifixion or human capacity and the life of Jesus Christ. A penance of death, on the Cross, was the skull and we are left to observe her wilderness or where God took Saint Mary Magdalene, spiritually. A life on the Cross, is the contemplation of the heart through, the life of Jesus and our Spirits connection with God. Where, Spirit turns to matter is the Spirit of love. Heaven is the home of the Spirit and this is the Divine world of God. Love is our Spirit. Saint Mary Magdalene is our home and she observes the life of Jesus. For she is Holy and of the Spirit and, she is Jesus Christ because she was of the birth, of the birth of Jesus, the Holy one. For she, was blessed and the Holy one. She was the life of Jesus. For she, was the Savior and the only one to witness his death, for she was the one and her name was that of a Saint. Saints bore witness and called her Mary, she was of the Magdalen and some say she was Holy. Saint Mary Magdalene's Sin was her death and her death bore witness for she was the one to die. Her witness was her death and her death was with the Holy one, her death was the life of Jesus and she was his life. The life of Jesus was her death, the death of Saint Mary Magdalene. Her wilderness was her life and this is where she bore fruit, her fruit was the life of Jesus. Contemplation was her name and was the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus.


The wilderness is the contemplation of the skull and for Saint Mary Magdalene the contemplation of death took her to the life of Jesus. God veiled Saint Mary Magdalene with the cloth, the cloth of Jesus. The cloth of Jesus bore fur and fur coating was for him. The coating of fur bore the name of Jesus Christ, it was on the crest and Saint Mary Magdalene bore witness. Death, lay the wilderness, alone. Mary was a Saint and her name was Jesus for Saint Mary Magdalene, the Spirit of love bore her heart and her heart was fur coated for warmth and God bore witness for Saint Mary Magdalene loved Jesus. The love of God is the cloth. The cloth is the book and the book bore fur for it was furry like the animals, all fur coated and warm with love. The love of God is the warmth. God covered Saint Mary Magdalene with the fur of God for love, warmth and protection, in the wilderness. The protection from the animals is for the protection of the ravages of the heart. The heart was Jesus.