Friday, May 13, 2016

Nymphs walk there, amongst the forest trees

Nymphs walk there, amongst the forest trees

by Nicole Page-Smith

Saint Mary Magdalene was taken to Jesus, where Mary lay. Mary lay down at the base of the Cross and wept for Jesus, and, this is where he lay. He was born to mean Salvation and that is why Christ was Crucified, and, Jesus lay. The life of a Saint is a sacred one. Saint Mary Magdalene was born of Jesus, born of the Cross. Saints are born for the life of God and this is where Jesus lay, at the base of the Cross, a martyred Saint, for Jesus, lay. Mary lay down and wept. We are of the Cross and all lead the life of Jesus. We are born to be one, to be one with the love of God. He Crucified, Jesus, for our Salvation, the Salvation of our Sin. Saint Mary Magdalene was taken to Jesus. He was born of the truth and the truth was God. God is love. Saint Mary Magdalene was covered of the fur. The fur was Jesus. Jesus was of the fur for he wore the coat, the coat of Jesus. Jesus wore the cloth, the cloth of the Lord Jesus Christ. The cloth bore the name and was nailed to the Cross. INRI. Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews). He was born of the cloth for he was one with God. Saint Mary Magdalene walked on for she was of the fur, of the fur of an animal, of the fur of God, for she walked the wilderness.

Saint Mary Magdalene was the earth for she was God. God was nature for she was the tree. The tree was Mother Nature for nature was the tree. She had branches and Saint Mary Magdalene had hair, for she was of the wood. She was of lime wood and he was of the word. Saint Mary Magdalene was of the wilderness for she was not wed, in the church. Saint Mary Magdalene did not marry for she was married to God, for here she rode the life. The life was on the Cross. Saint Mary Magdalene contemplated Jesus and here, the Saint rode the Cross. Saints are of the skull for they are the death for God, the contemplation. We are of the forest for we are not of the book. God wrote the book. God was down there with the animals but we were not trees. We went to the woods that day. We were of the Cross but we were not wed, not wed to God. We were of Mother Nature. Saint Mary Magdalene was on her Christian pathway. The Lord Jesus Christ is of the book.

The book is of the forest. Forest trees have spirits, for they are, of the wood. The Spirit tree is of the forest and they are, of the twig. The twig of Christ is of the thorn and of the Cross. God is of the crown and Christ, was crowned, by thorns, of the tree. Christ was of the primal, forest and the heart is of the tree. Woods pigeoned their love through the forest trees and green woods of the world. The world of green is of the nature of God. God is of the nature and the nature is of the forest. The tree has twigs and these are his ears. The tree has a trunk and this is the trunk of your body. The tree has leaves and these are his continual growth, the continual growth of the Spirit. The snake lives in the tree, when the trunk is there. The trunk is the body. The body is the tree. The limbs twirl around your tree roots and you are one with God who sees starlight. God sees the trees from Heaven for he looks down upon us from the blessed stars above. The Spirit lives in the tree.

Trees live in the forest. When, you tell the tree your name, it tells you of the book. Stars live in the forest and nominate your name for your name is in the book. Lord Jesus is your name for you are in the book, the book of Jesus. Trees know your name for they are one with nature and nature is for God. We are the twig for he is the tree. Stars fell on the wood that night for she was green for her in Venus. She is of the wood and of the stars and, has the constellation of the Spirit tree, for she is he and, he is Jesus. The moon and stars, a love all around, sent her pathway, forward. Do not go into the woods that night for she is Jesus and she is the wood and, she is nature. Of the nature, she is, for she is a Saint, of the wood. The green world is the greener world, for the Saint. Saints walk in the green world where, trees are of the Spirit. Spirit trees have branches. The birds fly through your Spirit house for they have wings, wings to fly. In the forest today we walked hand in hand, with Jesus, for he was in our hearts. Our heart is Jesus.

Our tree is red for the tree speaks of the branches of the the heart. Daphne is the nymph of the forest who assumed the Spirit tree. Pursued and turned to branches, Daphne was a god. Gods of the forest can be noticed in Spring, with the butterflies, where, other, Spirit trees, live. Birds teach you about the human Spirit who flies upwards, towards the sky, in ascension, with our general progression towards God, an elevation of understanding. The Earth Spirits and gods of the forest are there to inform our Spirit about the Virtue of Vice or love in the Virtue of creationism and a Christian garden of love. The Saint walks through your garden and blesses Christ where, the garden is a wilderness for the Spirit. Trees live there, in your forest. Branches of the heart echo the forest as with a birdcall where, the Spirit flies through your forest and communicates the tune. Spirit trees talk of love as the wind rustles through their branches. Daphne was protected by the forest as a Spirit in a tree, may be. Nymphs walk there, amongst the forest trees.