Friday, February 19, 2016


Nicole Page-Smith,


The Earth is sacred to God in Heaven and God bless. The gods live among the plants on God's Divine Earth. In Springtime, we are blessed by God, with the fruit of trees and the whole Earth blooms with blossom, flowers for the trees. The ripening gourds of fruit have god and creature alike observant of the pungent smell of the Mother Earth. Creatures leave their scent and deer rub against trees. The organic forest has drooping vines of growth and berried fruit. The creatures of the forest are in love with Earth and the scent of forest berries, God's Divine fruit. Plants and animals are gods of worth and fly off with the butterflies come May. God and gods need the insects and bees to pollinate the flowers. Planets are needed, too, to rotate the Earth. Gods and the garden take you to the snakes, do not trespass the tree of worth. Devils and monsters, gods and God, roll about and tumble the earth. The wind blows and travels on, through, the tree of worth. Spring is love in the garden of May and Spring flowers of the hay. Gardens grow their worth.

As we fly around with the gods in the forest, Spring, blesses the Earth. Plant of the seed, scatter their worth and the Earth below. The golden roots dig deep. When, the blood red roots of trees, grow down, for new saplings, we are a heart of worth, for God. Gods fly through the trees and gods frequent the Earth. The golden tree of a golden hue is for the branches of the heart. The golden tree is your heart and that is why you are sacred to God, for golden leaves are branches for God. The gods of Springtime fervour, inform God, of the ascension and love of the Earth. Golden is the love of God for the Earth. Hearts rejoice for God in the Springtime. The plants are love for God. Gods and the garden bless the Earth for we are the golden heart.

Heaven is the garden of ascension. In the garden of Heaven, God has angels who are the gardeners, who tend the garden. Angels work in with the gods of the Earth because they speak a common language. The Divine language of God does include the garden for the garden is Divine for God. Plants and animals rejoice for the love of God in Springtime when, the warmer months arrive. Plants have the knowledge of God for he is their memory. Sunshine and the Seasonal cycle of the planets inform the growth of the garden with warmer days and rain helping the plants to grow. Angels rejoice at the colours of ascension, in the gardens and the gods advice the angel gardeners of anything, they need to tend. God, gods and the angels work hard to keep the plants growing in the garden. Creatures and animals are also, celebrated by God. The celebration of Springtime in the garden is for the Divine reward of God and love in the garden is our reward. Heaven is your heart and golden is the ascension of the angels in the garden. Heaven is the angels of the garden. 

Your sacred garden is your heart and all its reflection. Gods and angels, frequent your garden as God and love, live in your heart. The Divine love, in your heart, takes you to the knowledge, of Heaven and the golden ceiling is touched. The garden has virtue and vice as the heart stirs with good over Evil, to find the true love of God. Gods walk, there and angels trespass. We fly with the angels to Heaven. The garden is a delight to God for all the ascension of nature and love are reflected in God's Divine creatures. Plants transpire love. The animals and plants are blinded by the love of God, in the garden, blinded by God's Divine light. Golden trees and branches tip the heavenly sky and the golden light is taken right down to meet the Earth. The Divine light of God is the light, we walk around in and the more you find Heaven in your heart, the more you find God. Golden trees are bathed in ascension, while, the birds, fly around, in their heavenly glow. Birds reflect love and are God. Birds are also, gods and are visible heavenly angels flying around, in God's Divine garden. The birds fly as though, they flew, straight out of your heart. Birds fly, out through, Heaven and bless you as they fly, overhead. We are, graced by the birds and their wing beat, presence, on Earth.

Wings beat in your heart when you find your angel. Angels take your heart to Heaven when, you find love in the garden. Heavenly sent, is love, in the garden. We find our heart  when, there is a golden glow, in Heaven. Heaven is only a wing beat, away. The ascension of angels does take you to Heaven. Wings of ascension fly with your heart and gods tell you of our planetary worth. God find the love in my heart and take it to Heaven. The garden is golden. The ascension of angels takes place in your garden and they fly up with your heart like the birds in the sky. Golden deer walk beside you. Your garden flies forth, with your heart and the angels, while, Divine beings, gods and God, ascend your love. Heaven is a place in the heart with wings of ascension. The garden of love is the one you walk, through and God shows you the reflection of his love, in your heart with birds in the trees like angels. We fly to Heaven like the angel of love and our heart flies with him. Angels learn to fly when you feel love in your heart as your love ascends them to God. The heavenly abode, above, send you angels in the garden of love. God sends you angels when you need him.

Heaven is your home in the garden of love. Gods and angels are praiseworthy. Golden deer live, there, in your heavenly garden and ascension plants of love, inform the angels. Golden angels speak your heart's language. Gods tell God. Love in the garden is a Divine trespass of the heart. Your heart garden is golden with the information about Heaven. God takes you to Heaven and ascends your heart to love with golden transport upon an angel's wing. Golden is the light from Heaven. Gods take you to Heaven with the ascension of the garden. Golden are the trees of your forest for we are talking of the golden branches of your heart. When, the final ascension of Heaven meets the angels, takes you, to your Divine garden, forest trees also,  frequent, there. Heaven is the sky for the deer and Heaven meets the fields, their trespass is golden. Golden hooves and golden antlers stretch skyward and the gods celebrate all of God's Divine nature. As planets and stars celebrate our name we silently engage in a golden union with God. Heaven inform my golden angels of love.

A garden of love notices your ascension and golden angels take your heart to love. At death, the golden angels fly with your heart on golden strings and your heart is transported to the place God found love for you the most, Heaven. The golden heavenly angels send messages to God and the gods who live in your heart, too. God notices where you find love the most and takes you to the golden place of Heaven in your heart, before you die, so, God finds the correct place to rest your heart. As your Spirit ascends to God, golden are the angels. Golden deer transport your heart, too and gods inform the planets. In the garden of Heaven in your heart, love is the ascension. Golden deer live there, in your heart because they are in love with God. The love of God is golden. Heaven has golden wings and my heart fly with the angels.

Golden angels fly with your heart to Heaven.



Nicole Page-Smith