Friday, February 12, 2016


Nicole Page-Smith,


Golden is the trespass of the deer's foot and merry is the month of May. In the golden forest are deer of love and worth, golden foot to heel and worth, for love and, love of golden hoof. Traipse, through, golden love in the garden. Hoof to hoof of golden worth, the garden tells you, of your worth, for Heaven is the view, of the garden. Golden deer are like golden leaves, on the tree. When, there is a golden bough, God is in love. The golden trees of worth trespass Heaven. Heaven is the tree and the gods, blow through, the trees of the forest like the wind, for the wind is a god. The Spirit trees rustle with golden leaves of bough and worth. The wind blows through the garden. Golden is the love of the forest, in love with their golden worth, in Heaven, for one, one deer, one stag and one God. Love is the colour of the deer in love and golden are the deer. Heaven is in love with God, the gods and deer so, near. Birds fly through the forest. 

On the day of the year, the deer are near, God bless, the deer. When, the West wind blows through the forest, you may have to exclaim, deer oh dear. Angel's wings are as gentle as the wind gush you feel as a bird flies by you. In the forest birds can be noticed in the trees. When, your Spirit flies with the wind you are like the angels, flying with the birds. Your Spirit is ascended to Heaven up among the treetops. Deer are descended, to Earth, by God, from Heaven, it is a beautiful communication and exchange for deer are golden in Heaven. Golden are the trees, in Heaven. Entwined are the roots of the trees with Heaven and golden are roots of Heaven. Roots entwine like the antlers of deer. Do not trespass through the forest today or the white deer may notice you. When, the Spirit deer, travel forth, beware of Evil Spirits, entering the forest. Spirits move through the forest in the month of May. We entwine with the deer to take our Spirit's to the Spirit of worth. I enter your forest. In Heaven when, we are Spirit worth, we enter the forest. Fly Spirit unto God.

Deer entwine with God via their antlers. The deer shed their antlers and the tree roots appear golden. In the forest, there are magical trees. Golden trees are only noticed by God, the gods and the deer while, birds sometimes fly past them, angel Spirits hold their name the trees are named by the golden bough. Although, tree gods are aware of the golden tree of God, they do not observe, her name. Deer Spirits hold the tree as sacred. Deer observe, the golden god, in the tree. Trees and gods have been as entwined as nature is with God, since man, stepped foot, in the garden. Trees rustle in the wind and we hear the Spirit of God. Golden trees, in the forest, are for the deer and God. Golden deer are for the gods and they nominate further trees in the forest of worth, they are planted along with creatures of worth in God's Divine forest. God's Divine forest is your heart and that is why it is golden. Golden are the deer of worth. 

In the golden forest, trees are barely noticed but plants exist on the ground for the ascension of worth. The plants reflect the planets as gods, planted them there, naturally, in the forest. Deer of ascension are also noticed in the forest, they are golden because they trespass the Earth, of the forest. Trees notice you in the garden if you are plant. Plants like other species of organisms, only notice their own species. Plants also have no awareness that you are not another species of plant. Gods planted, plants, on Earth as they planted trees and gods are more interested in the products of the Earth or plants. Gods are part of Heaven as human beings and other creatures are part of the Earth and therefore, our Heaven is our garden. Our forest is our home. When, you ask the deer, why he is golden, in your heart, he would not be able to tell you because golden he lives in your heart. Plants are ascension colours in your heart because your heart reflects God. Love is golden in your heart because love is in Heaven and love is the golden centre of God. Take love, to Heaven, one day, in the forest, where you will barely notice. 

When, your Spirit flies through the trees, you become tree with the Spirit. Love barely notices, for Heaven, is the trees, where, water and nymphs are one. The heart tree is the branch of life and has ventricles of a red hue like the vessels of your heart. Trees are often related to the water nymph. Trees grow branches by the river and the forest is a blessed forest for the god of the tree. Deer drink water by the brook and the stream nymph makes herself, welcome. The forest has gods and deer, walk through and Spirits with the birds fly up, above, the treetops. Spirits like gods and creatures of deer and, birds all around, bless your Spirit and, your heart feels closer to God. The tree Spirit holds your heart for he is ventricle, where you are heart. Branches grow through you like blood vessels of the heart. Spirit trees of the forest are for God, to observe and gods to think of Sping. God bless the Earth.