Friday, March 11, 2016

Pathway to a Saint

Pathway to a Saint

by Nicole Page-Smith

Saint Mary Magdalene's hair entwined around her like the tree roots of Daphne. In her garden oasis, the water formed trees. Her seven veils had seven vices of virtue. Mary was a Saint and Magdalene was her home, of birth for Jesus. God found the garden of the stars illuminated her pathway, at night. The Saint found her garden abandoned and to be peaceful for sleep, at night.  The mirage of the garden is a miracle. When, Christ saw a miracle he was born. The garden of virtue has Minerva and the garden of vice is the cardinal Saint, Daphne is her friend. The Satyr and the Faun had babies and they bore wing and flew like Spirits who can fly. Butterflies flew in the forest of birth and bore wing. Their colored scent and flavored birth bore fruit and they smelt like flowers, sweeter at birth. The Saint, found herself, resting in the garden. 

The star path of a Saint is to live in the garden. Stars lead you and you follow your star like a garden path. Saints are on their garden pathway to Heaven from birth and do not deviate from the pathway of a Saint. There is a tribute sculpture to Saint Mary Magdalene by Donatello from an earlier time in history. The saintly attribution describes the pathway of the Saint. The hair of the Saint Mary Magdalene describes her starlight. Donatello, scored and sculpted the hair so etched into her face and aging body, you feel the life of the Saint echoed the life of the artist with a complete submission to God. Humanism was the time of day. The sacred journey of a Saint is a Divine life. The Christians followed the starlight of the Cross by the Christian calendar of Christ and garden plants led the way they follow. This is the pathway to a Saint.

Saint Mary Magdalene lived in the garden. Although, daylight shone all day the Saint only saw the stars as though night had trespassed day and a mirage of the garden saw her in a sacred place. Sometimes night trespassed day and a forest appeared in her garden as a tranquil place to rest herself. Long hours in the communion with God allowed prayer to find the Saint. The stars seen by secular people of the Divine worship of God are thought to be their pathway for Heaven, this is their only path. Gods are called on. The tall, forest, trees of the oasis rely on the water god and her children. To replenish a heart of worth, demons have no access to Sin. Wandering through the starlight, Saints have only Divine purpose and everything shines for them, in their hearts, it is good to only see the worth of God. Saints have to realize patterns of worth. Everything glistens. In the garden the gods reside and the garden of virtue is a garden of vice.

Centaurs reign in the mystical waters. Divine creatures of the word of God live in the forest and nymphs appear to gods. The huntress expels the hunter and we are graced if we turn into trees. Daphne lives in the treetops. Saints find heavenly love blesses them on Earth. Saint Mary Magdalene wanders her garden, to find inner reflection where, spiritual love is the triumph of virtue. Our human vice is to be edible in the garden and here, we seek, earthly love and pleasure. The garden of love is a spiritual vocation where, our heart sprouts trees and has branches of spiritual love. Entangled with her hair roots, Mary Magdalene enjoyed a saintly life, rooted to the Earth and branching like tree branches, out to God. When you see the stars in the trees they are of Divine worth as the stars reflect Heaven. Gods live in the garden and beware of the devils and snakes. Divine creatures are Divinely formed where, humans and gods trespass. Your garden is the stars where, our heart lives for God. Heavenly love, take us to our true spiritual worth.

The Saint walked her pathway. Mary Magdalene is the Saint who contemplated death, they sent her on her pathway and the Saint entered her garden. Her garden was the stars at night, visible from the plato of vast open space. Stars were her garden of Heaven but she contemplated a spiritual path. The pathway to Heaven is a lonely one so, God wants you to join hands with the Lord, Jesus Christ, your spirit self or what it is to be a human being. The sacred journey of Mary Magdalene was to describe the biblical equation of earthly love. Often in historical paintings, Mary Magdalene, is described as a beautiful goddess contemplating a skull. The penitents is for religion and Saint Mary Magdalene had to find the Spirit of God, this was herself. Too tortured is the history of the human being for most people to trespass the Spirit. To walk the trespass of the Spirit is a religious Christian pathway and God sends you to your Spirit to find its home, when we have deserted ourselves, we have lost the garden, for our heart only knows the true love of God. God find our garden.