Friday, December 4, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith,


Deer are part of Heaven and that is why their antlers point to Heaven in the sky. All animals are part of God. As the deer participate with their lives in the fields, standing majestically for God, some are dappled with spots as though a camouflage from starlight and during daylight so, they blend in with long grass, and the hay. The deer are engaging in the golden workings of Heaven where, their antlers touch the sky. Do deer send messages to God with antlers like radar for the sky? Heavenly sent deer are a present from God. The sky is the blood rich colour of love, when, the sunset dawns and the moon rises, in the sky. Coral are of another colour. When it rains, from Heaven, we catch the water in catchments of the sky, a stream of another deer and clouds of another name. The deer of a sunlit sky are the pain of our heart. We communicate to God and God died, of another day. Dawn rose for God in the sky. Golden are the antlers of God, for the deer of Heaven and golden is the sky.

Golden deer are the Heaven of the order of God, they breathe our voice and deer scatter like the wind for the sound of the trespass, they hear our voices in the wind. Running to and fro, the deer move like the wind, through the hay and their movement rolls like the currents of the wind. You can see the glint of their silky coverings of animal fur, shine in the sunlight as the flock of deer run about in the fields. The antlers of the deer are like plant life, head dressings, on their head. The antlers twirl with wind and twirl, and grace, and grace the sky, with a planetary guide to Heaven. The antlers like deer grow with ascension, for God. Gods and deer alike, with frolic and deer of planetary May, are for the fields of hay. Golden deer are a heavenly colour. The gods twirl and whirl to communicate away, with the antlers of the deer, to a heavenly golden entwinement and knowledge, of plants, through May, when, plants are of ascesnion. Golden is the heavenly ascension of deer. 

Deer of May and play and, deer and hay, are love of the ascension, through, planetary May. The light is golden and a view from Heaven. When, you are in ascension, golden is the feeling. Deer have antlers on display, to describe their planetary way and the communication is to God and, for Heaven. Golden is the ceiling of Heaven. The deer have antlers like coral at the bottom of the sea and like water, the air blows, through the antlers as fish swim through, the coral, with currents of the sea. Elementary air and water, flow through, the currents of your imaginings. Heaven is the air you breathe. Currents of wind and the sea take us to God. We are Divine in Heaven as we travel the currents of the wind, at sea and Divine are the deer of the hay. With wind, on a cloudless day, the deer stand still. The union with God is cloudless, in May and is blown through your antlers like deer in the hay. The deer are talking to God and we dream, away. We dream of the month of May, where, golden is the hay.

When deer are of the May, we bless the hay. The deer are white and golden and, golden is the hay. Of, May and month of May, for deer and hay, where, deer and plant life frolic, the plants of May grow and, are ever present, with Spring and, frolic and, May. Plants entwine, the garden of your pathway, to Heaven. Deer frolic in the hay of fields and joy of hay, while plants twirl merrily, away. Growing and enveloping, the garden and, antlers grow, from the deer, of May, all are growth and, growing, entwining, round and round, entering the domain of Heaven, in an earthly and, heavenly, way. The cloudless, blue, sky has gales blow, heavenly and gardens delight in the warmth of Spring air. Warm winds bring rain, with Heaven, spreading heavenly, rain. Plants flourish with the warm air. The ascension plants of the delightful gardens of May are part of Heaven, for they replace, Heaven with Heaven. A Heaven on Earth would equal the deer. Your garden plants, form part of God, with golden deer. The overgrowth of the heart has plants entangled with forest growth and deer standing in the fields, nearby. The tangle of antler growth of deer seems embroiled in your heart as though the antlers stick into your heart flesh. The plants die away into Summer months and Spring is the month of the hay.

Spring, for the plants of May, have a greener view, where, the coloured plants of forest and lush green overgrowth, speak of another day. Ascension is in May. We are green, where they are red with orange fruit and lemons, of the May. Pink is your colour. Blues, violets and purples reflect our planets as we reflect the moon. Ascension plants, in the garden of love, reek of heart growth and pain. Love is for the blessing of God. We love God in the garden of ascension plants, for Heaven, in the garden of love, for your heart is in ascension. The Divine colours are reflected from Heaven. Our heart reflects golden deer, too. In the garden of ascension, where, deer are allowed to wander, plants have long since grown with an overgrowth of entangled foliage. The gardens have Divine forms from Heaven and it is ascension in the knowing of God. Plants are the colours of ascension for God, so we know the presence of God, in our garden. The garden is a Heaven of love.