Friday, November 27, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith,


Stags and foe and, deer to play, find deer at the end of the month of May. We play deer to you. Deer run around, with doe and deer, fawn and stag, of May and, hay and, wheel and, love the love, of the merry month of May. We love the sky of May for Heaven is her home. In May, the antlers spin and twirl with love and, care. The planets turn and spin and, tumble Earth to grass, and, hay, we are churning earth for hay. The stags rear up and you count your blessings, for their earth is in the hay. The Spring sends a message and the planets spin, away. We spin, they tumble and the Earth spins to tumble, away. Tumble oh tumble May. We know we are on the course with the planets around, the Sun. To spin for Earth and tumble, is to spin the Earth, away, for on an axis she rides for hay. There is spinning and gathering, and deer communicate with God our Father, in the hay. Lords and princes, ride through the village, to trumpet love and the smell of hay. We are love for the merry month of May and deer for deer we count the hay. My antlers rest with May.

We love the plants of May for they are in the hay. Hay and wheel, and grassy May, is all I have to say. The plants are grown of worth and more, of love and tumble to dry, to the Summer hay. The plants of the garden of Spring are luscious and delicious, in smell. We smell the ripening of the hay, for the plant life of Spring and, frolic and, May. Plants are for the gods, hay is for the wheel and deer spin their antlers, away, to the planets knowing, of hay and wheel, and contentment, to the forest workers, of May. Their growth is planetary and like deer of antlers, and growth for Summer/Spring, the plants grow merrily, away. Plants turn to hay, with plains of grassy, dry, fields, for Summer love and Spring. The sky turns and blue, and clear, is May. Plants turn to plants, for attention and observe wind, that way. Seeds blow in the wind and form new plants, and the seed of Earth, rests in the hay. The tumble of May brings Summer storms and the dampness with lightening, and thunder. Plants of seed and worth, spring forth, to the newness of the ground, resting, with hay. Delight is the sight and we joy, and merry festival , to the sounds, and scent of plants with love and tumble, worth. Delights are to be known and felt, and smell so nice, in May, and enjoy your garden in May.

The planets twirl to notice you in the garden, in the Spring of noticing. Here, in the garden, we notice the planets above as they resolve to revolve around the Earth. We see the results in the garden of Jupiter, Neptune and Venus. Love is in the garden of May, for she saw the moon. In the garden by night she shines down brightly in your face and Luna was her name. Plants of love have a different form and the planets have known this for years, they entwine and grow through your heart. Roots take shape of another name and give direction. Involving your form, the plants grow around your internal organs and through you like ivy, clinging with anchor roots as they climb out all over you and over your face. As you stand there for years, with a heart grown garden, other plants form and propagate around you. You are roses to the heart and your veins are ivy to the tree roots. Big, gnarled, old, roots like varicose veins in your leg, have long since overgrown, you. The twisted and tortured, Earth bound plants, form the plants of love, just the mere foundation of your roots.

Plants are there for God's Divine garden. We know our roots like the trees know their leaves. The roots are established in the garden. The planetary forest of your garden is your planetary guide to Heaven, a Universe in the knowing. To enter the forest is to enter the moon and a transfigured night. You are in joy in the forest as Spring took you, there. A forest, Heaven, are the trees, in the walking, through, your knowledge of trees, where forest plants have ancient breeds of tree, to know, they walk hand in hand. Forests climb the tree, with vines and undergrowth, sometimes, venturing up, to the top branches and earthbound roots, digging deep, into the land of the forest trees, a ground, so deep. Plants sometimes venture sunlight on the forest floor of creation, where, Divinely formed, plants, grow forth. Growing, the plants grow, large and tall, with the warmth of Summer. The path walks briskly at night, for noises of the forest, scare intruders. The forest has a depth, so loud that screech owls fail to notice. The plants notice you walk. Through, an abyss of the forest floor, where you notice little of time and age, and formation, one almost forgets oneself. There is an abandonment of time and failing to realize, you are unaware, if you are standing on a forest floor or the rock of a long past forest floor, creation. Where did God take me that day?

We walk along, the path of creation, to find the plants of love, entangled in our dreams. The plant life, lines the way and the path has a Universe. The pathway to Heaven, is this way and you see the stars and the planets like comets, and fallen stars, move across your Universe, at night as though, by day. Places of the heart take you, there, to your heavenly pathway. The plants are formed by Universes, away, from our Solar System and you can see them in the distance, in a heavenly way, for God shows you, in a planetary way, our heavenly guide to the Universes, above. We are all set on a heavenly pathway. Plants are there, guiding your way as you travel that way. The plants of the forest laden your tree with fruit and fruit on the ground is for snakes. Most creatures of the forest are heard but not seen as they scurry away to safety, although, plants are the main observers and if plants had eyes they could speak. High above in the tree tops, the wind blows. Universes, away, you would imagine we are noticed, but not observed. The love plants, in the garden of creation, inform God, we are not gods only his blessing, mere mortals in the plants of earth. Plants are part of God.