Friday, December 11, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith,


When, God sends you Heaven, you are in love with his garden and the golden deer, traipse, through. Love observes your name in Heaven, while the garden speaks of God. You can see yourself reflected in the Divine leaves of the trees. Other, plant life talks to God and enjoys a Divine language with the heart. A pathway is made through your garden like an animal track, made by deer. Plants communicate to your heart because of how they are formed. In the garden of love, plants take form by heavenly design. Your plants are your life and designed by God, for your garden and the heart, weathers the storm. Years of the cycle of the planets and the moon see the love plants refer starlight, to your heart. Plants form in your heart to try and explain love in the garden, of love. Our jungle of heart plants, stress with love as plants Seasonally die off and grow, in the garden, of Earth. Plants require water and the heart needs love. The garden reflects your heart. Forests grow and stretch with undergrowth, tree creepers climb Heaven bound and your heart swells with the development of love. Creatures of the forest are well taken care of as nourishment for the love plants expands in your heart. Plants grow like the life of the heart.

We walk through the garden and God observes. Doe and deer play to flock and meadow worth. The field of doe and deer has stags, among. The deer flow through the fields like the currents of the wind, then, flock and gather, through your garden. Gardens are the worth of merry men. Gardening is for doe and deer, alike. A garden is for the deer to wander through, your garden's heart. The deer of the heart do live in your garden. The garden is to advise you of the passage of the gods, where, plants and foliage grow with your antlers like deer. Deer walk on by. The deer of the antler's growth have entwinement as the Divine have communion with God. An engagement with God is a Divine message with the heart. Your deer sometimes garden, by eating the foliage and trespassing, through, the fields. The gods do rejoice in your garden with nymph and joy, and twirl for the antlers, the communication is a joyous one. Your heart is connected with the Seasons and you will be with love or trespass, depending on the will of the Season. Planets are of influence like horoscopes have read, of philosophy, gone by. The heart and deer are very much alike.

When, the planets are in Season with the Sun of Jupiter and the heart is advising forth, deer and, all the creatures of Earth, rejoice. Spring is near, in the Season of the deer. Planets tell you where the grass is grown, other planets, where the grass is sown. Spring cheer is near and all is sown. Deer of the one, who is near, are taken to the sown grass that is fear. The known grass, of the fields, sits under cloudy blue sky. Grass and near, of fear of deer, take you, to God. Mars is in third quarter of the moon and Neptune is near to Venus. Gardens are with the deer, of a worthwhile place and they sit among the shade. With the moon of worth, overhead, the daytime turns to night. Although, your heart feels the Season of worth and all the planets, lineup, on by, our night of worth is of nigh. You can see the planets out in the starry night as they shine bright night away. We are of the Sun. As your garden of deer, heart of worth, love the delights of Spring May, in the garden, gods trespass forth and deer and, fawn, play, nearby. Spring removes the antlers of May. Stag rest while their foal play. 

The plants of the garden of May bring through Sunshine. Spring is dutiful to her mother, Jupiter, the planet before Summer. Planets roll further, with tumble of world and starlight, for our contemplation. Plants are there and reward is for her, in the garden. The world revolves around the plants for planets to view her, too. In the garden of love, of your heart, the gods show us starlight and true daylight. Gardens move as the planets revolve around the Sun. Growth is brought with warm winds through Spring rain and we notice the garden bathed, in a new light. The growth of your heart is of an imagining as dreams trespass fantasy. You remember some dreams as you can imagine reality but an internal light, is for God. Sometimes, with the Earth moving with the planets around the Sun, the Seasonal light changes and this introspective gaze, also, reflects, the unconscious light, of dreams. Your garden is reflected. Our planetary garden brings forth starlight, where, our heart brings with it, God. To love is to reflect in the garden and take a garden seat. Your internal light wanders on through, the garden. If you walk with your garden heart in the rain, the light will look resplendent like a passageway to God, the Divine pathway. 

On the Divine path, through your garden, angels reside, there, with gods. Ascension colours reflect the heavens. The light of your garden is blue, appearing on the side of the Earth, somewhere, in a pale, heavenly, light. Planets continue to spin around the Sun. Dreams are the colour of angels and gods are the colour of the heavenly, Earth. Our planetary gods guide our heart, through the garden and along, a pathway, lit by Heaven. Gardens are often lit this way, in your heart, to view the way. Plants grow to reflect the earth and gods of a heavenly ascension do live, among the plants, for they are plant and growth. Angels transpire for angels are to guide your heart. Gardens of the heart communicate with the angels of God, for love. The planets are our influence, by Gods instruction and the gods help God with Divine work, in the garden. Our garden hearts walk along with us. Plants are Divinely formed, for God and Heaven is the heart of angels.