Friday, November 13, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith,


The sky of Heaven takes the information of the ground dwelling creatures and plants to the planets and, the gods, a Universe of contemplation and reflection of Earth. The sky reflects Heaven and the Earth reflects the Universe, the stars and the planetary sphere. We spin and twirl around as the Earth invites our knowlecge. Our communication drifts up to the planetary sphere as the Earth involves our thinking and like a reciprocal agreement of planetary information and stars, our growth is from Heaven. The gods instruct our earthly presence and we are transported to a realm of Universes for one. All Universes equal a reflection of themselves and our self. The deer wander around, in highlight of a knowing of the Earth meets the sky and their antlers incorporate the sky, pointing upwards. To Heaven, the Heaven, above and a cosmology, plants and animals, unite. We entwine with the history of our origins and our future is already determined. Light for the fields is observed, as clouds drift on past and blue is the sky, above. We are in a Universe of knowing for God and our cosmos is our home. Light particles reflect Sunlight and we reflects the stars. Heavenly particles, drift through, God's love, in your heart.

The sky is blue from the love of Heaven and God shines down on us. Our particles of love, drift upwards, to the golden ceiling, of the sky like a breeze in Summer, heat. The Sun is warmer, in Summer and the blue of the sky is noticed, by your heart, when, it is in Heaven and the Sun moves into the shade. Gardens of love transpire and the regeneration of growth is followed by the cycle of the Seasons where, growth and decay, are imminent, in the garden. Composting fruit and foliage rot away, for another garden to appear, next Spring. The strange appearance of the garden has your love plants evolved from planetary influence. Forms of garden produce can mutate and grow, and appear as they entwine, around, the garden. Ripe goads and fruits of love, drop on the forest floor and there, they can grow and develop, into other species, of fruit. The forms are noticed, in your heart as the air is noticed, in your sweet breath. The warmth of the garden has the moisture evaporate, upwards, where the sky is a treat, for Heaven. Clouds absorb moisture like tears from Summer rain, where the forest enjoys the Sun. Our rain enjoys the garden and our heart enjoys the Sun. We are a shadow for God and live in the shade.

As the clouds pass on overhead, the deer appear, there, golden in the light. In Heaven they see the deer in an organic form like the garden. The structure of the garden is looked at more closely as we transform into the organic matter of the sky, where our Spirit forms Heaven. Forms of the Spirit take shape in an understanding of where, the sky meets Heaven. A heavenly ceiling is noticed, the ceiling of the blue sky in Heaven. When your Spirit unites, with the Heaven on Earth, a union connects the two to become one, a Universe of the Spirit, within. Planets circulate our heart like the planetary element of the Sun. We feel the Sprit deer as we feel the garden formed, of our planetary knowledge of the Sun. Our Universe of love, is the heart formed of the stars, a sky above Earth's surface. Our hair, blowing in the wind has a breath of wind where, birds fly through you like the breeze. You are formed, out of the Spirit of the wind, with our hollow, ephemeral, body, disappearing, to a conjunction with Heaven. We eat our Universe, in the garden where, planets remember our trespass, the passage of our gateway, to Heaven. The fruit is noticeable on the tree of love. Spring heat, takes our Spirit, through, the wind, where, our garden, delights, in our presence. We sit and stare at the heavenly sky where, we are sprinkled with the love of stardust. All around, we notice the clouds and they communicate, various, gods. A Spring of love in ascension.

In Spring the garden comes in form, there are planets of trees and your Universe is in the garden, love in the garden is Spring. In Autumn, love sheds its leaves. Spring in the garden of creationism equals love in May and we have the newborn frolic and skip and, the foals and, fawns of deer, play, while, the stags, roll, in the hay. Forms in the garden of May are plants in the Spring of the hay. Winter sees the leaves, drop, to the bare trees, for him and the snow covered, ground, bare fruit, for the Spring. Nuts are fallen and gather, around, for the little creatures, of the forest, to take to their nest. Hibernating, sleeping, creatures rise in Spring, after battle and Spring coming rain, a storm of the plenty. Then, Spring to Summer rain clouds. Summer is play and the frolic, to the deer as they gather in the flock, in the Sun. As the Sun bakes the garden and the fields turn to hay, we are cooled, until, the month of May. Neptune is in the garden. We entwine and lose our antlers, once again, for the month of May, deer of the frolicking hay. Stags for the month of May, stand tall, all the long of May, the day in the garden. We hear the forest floor and they smell the wind, stags of the May. The forest takes our breath, away.

On the forest floor, in May, little creatures of the hay, run around the forest floor, along with, forest birds, flying to the treetops, to attend their young. Owls and creatures of the forest, attend, at night. Beware of the hooting owl and the creatures, of the forest floor. Outside, in the Spring air, by day the crooked crow, birds of the Spring and notice, fly to a fairer plain. Fields of the ground, to the notice, take heed. Fly wind, oh fly, to the meadow of choice. Fly with bird's wing and linger in the meadow. Fields of the hay and Sunshine, for the meadow, see the dancing, prancing, foe and frolic, deer, of doe and fawn, of harvest foals. We dearly love your frolic, near, and jump and skip to joy, of seed and hay. Do not enter the forest one month and that is the month of May. Of Sunshine, near and hay of plenty, for love and deer oh deer, the fawns and foals, play near. They stand alert of doe and deer, for stag to wander, near. Wander to the forest that day, for you may hear, their children, near, the children of the deer. Their antlers play in Summer Sunshine, for another Season, near.