Friday, November 20, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith, 


Deer of the hay are near. Plants of the garden trespass. The Seasonal hay of May is near for love and gardens. The planetary time that Heaven, obey, spent time, in the garden, of May. Forests and trespass of foot had trespass traipse, through. The garden of May is not to be walked through or visited in the Seasonal hay. The forest is for the frolic to play. Deer come forth. To the Seasonal place, of a Spirit for worth, Spirits of May, frequent the forest and notice you in the garden. Heaven is in the garden in May and golden are the fruit for folly and May. The fruit fall. The tree is golden and laden is her fruit. For love and time in the garden and stolen are the fruit of golden worth, do not bite the apples of golden fruit in May. The golden tree does not respect visitors, the golden house no tree has neither respect for golden worth. Golden is Heaven for love. Deer are plentiful in May.

 In the garden deer stand forth and in the shadow of your mind, the forest and, garden growth take the fruit to ripening. Dark is the forest and cool is the air, during the day, of May, through to September, where days of Summer heat have you find shade. Ripening fruit smells pungent and soon drops to the ground, it is cool in the forest, in May. The coolness of the forest finds the dying and rotting, fruit and vegetation, trampled, underfoot. The gardens surround the forest where deer and creatures, of the forest, frequent, during the day. Blue is the sky of May but with storm clouds imminent, the deer take shelter in the garden. The garden rains have trespass, near. Gardens turn the Earth to a delight. Damp hay, out further, afield has the deer come into the garden. A communication to God is by Summer rain. Deer and their young replenish and, talk to the garden. The Heaven of the sky meets their love in the garden. Gold is the ceiling of love. Our deer shine golden with the shining Sun and the rain has them glisten, further. The deer horns have stag of plenty and foal and, deer and, fawn. Horns drop down where they should stand up and then, we go to Heaven. They are dropped for him to wander and trespass, in the garden. Be sure to have the golden ceiling touched, with the golden horns, of May.

In Heaven, we see God and he touches the ceiling for us. When the sky is golden with the light of Summer breeze and whispering clouds spread across the sky, we breathe. The air we breathe is as blue as the sky and as clear as a blue Sunny day. As we reside, in Heaven, in the sky, blue is our countenance. Heaven is our sky in our heart and golden is the light, we emanate and the heart resists. Golden is the heart. Often the golden heart we are looking for is there, right next to you. The light in the heart has a heavenly ceiling. As you walk along with Heaven in the sky as the ceiling for God, the sky opens up to your light. Clouds depart and the sky is blue, for love of another, day. Golden, to the ceiling is where God touches you with the sunlight and the light is reflected in your hair. We walk through the garden. The ceiling of golden light transpires. Ascension colours reflect the golden light of Heaven, in the garden, our communication for God. Heaven is the sky. Skies shine the Heaven down and we absorb the light.

God entwines our knowledge with the cosmos and we are his planetary, guide for the garden is judged by the seed, in the garden. The planets reside in our heart, each quarter to the Earth. Our love takes us to knowledge and a garden of the knowing love. Plants entwine here, in the garden, the growth taking forth, at times. As the plants grow around, one another and allow for growth, some twist as gnarled roots may describe each, to the other, root. Big, fleshy, plants gather around big, leafed and stalked varieties of another name. The garden is connected to a planetary life too far away to be acknowledged but the plant life quivers in the wake. Plants and human beings alike are seen there, communicating to a god of some other planetary address. We gather information that way like absorbing light. Our garden requires the knowledge of God and we require his garden. Planets of the heart twirl and spin around, our heart like we are the epicenter of the Universe, where our light is our Sun. We shine for our garden plants.

If our epicenter is our Sun, we are our Universe and golden is the Sun of the world, for golden are the plants for the Sun. If we have a communication to Heaven, it is one with the golden element of God, the Sun and the plains of the fields reflect the Sun, for the sky shines forth. The grassy fields are silky and golden dry like hay, on the fields of May through to Spring, they dry all Summer long and then, are covered with Winter snow. The sky reflects Heaven, for it is blue in the sky, in May, on a cloudless day. May is the time for frolicking. The plants are fields and the seed is the grain, and well fed are the deer of May, when, we communicate our heart, away. The golden ascension takes our fields, away and grassy plains dry, for the hay, of May. Grass and hay, and fields to play, are for the merry deer, in May, where, they twirl and curl as their antlers display, a growth of ascension for deer. Fighting and rearing for the antler display, the stags, out display, their foe. Hay is the Season of May.