Sunday, October 18, 2020

There is time

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

There is time

The age of Mercury or the Sun could tell more. We are in awe, of the Sun but, oh, does the sun shine?  There is no light in the universe. The mercury of the Sun. When the energy of the Sun, swallows us whole, we will be no more but, we will be the energy of the Sun. Dark matter pervades the universe. The universe of light is a darkened subject. The secrets and mysteries of Christ seem to evade us. God is our universe and our light. 

The energy of the Sun.

Has energy.

The energy of light has time. Light is a peculiar substance. Light has time. Time has light. Light and time are like the snow. Snow flies around and speaks to you of itself. Snow flying. Light reflected on snow speaks of a place and sometimes of a time. There is time.