Sunday, October 25, 2020

Matter is the green light

Nicole Page-Smith, photography

Matter is the green light

We know god. God exists in the trees and the birds fly. Flying birds and trees take us to god. As the cathedral soars into the air so do trees and birds fly through the sky, gliding on air pockets. Pockets of air in the sunshine. Trees are formed because of god responding to the pressures of gravity, matter and the universe and grow. Growing trees sprout leaves. Leaves have ideas and god so they allow us to grow with them. Blossoming in the sunshine trees have birds feast on the blossom.

Trees have an existence for god. Trees grow and flower every Spring. Trees exist blossoming with blossom scattering on the ground. Trees grow. Trees have leaves. Towering in forests, trees blow about in the wind, creaking. I am forest when I am tree. Trees. Trees are green. Trees and forests are synonymous with planets and rock. Petrified forests become rock and you may wonder if there had been trees on other planets before.

Life would not be good without trees and you cannot imagine a time when the planet will not have trees or did not have trees, previously. Planets in contemplation are dry, arid, places, without trees or humans or anything at all, similar to the surface of the moon. We must be lucky to have the garden of god and our planet, green with nature. Birds fly through your mind and through to the other side, to trees. If trees sprouted in our mind we may think about birds, think the thoughts of god or think tree, thoughts. What do trees think about? Do trees communicate to one another or god? Tree huggers would know, the language of trees, animals and birds could talk about, if we spoke their language. All of nature speaks of the universe, if only we could speak tree. Trees exist for matter. Light exists for god. Green is the colour of the spectrum known to trees, light and god. Matter is the green light.