Friday, October 2, 2020

The golden light of clouds

Nicole Page-Smith, sketchbook drawing and a cat.

The golden light of clouds

Skies. Light and the clouds will tell you everything you need to know about the heavens. Will it rain today? The distance between the Earth and the Sun can be seen in the clouds. The sun and the moon can take us further at night to the stars and speak of the heavens, too. Skies and patterns in the stars or clouds do tell us of all that's been and the universe. We are born of star.

A star is born of light and matter. Stars. At night, when the full night of stars, are in view, we are born, born of a star. Stars are our light. At night the stars light the way. Our Christian pathway is lit by stars.

Stars light the way. The matter of stars. We are star and we are born. Matter. Stars and matter. Matter is the light. Walking and lit by the stars we walk. Stars in the universe where we were born, light the way. We were born, born of star. Universes light the way of stars.

Stars light the way when we are born of star. Rocks are star, too. We are star. Stars cover the sky at night but show us the way, we sleep under their pathway and they communicate all the mysteries of the universe. So, when we awake, we can tell god we have slept under his star. In the heavens there is a constant stream of angels, they fly from the heavens to you. All you have been informs god with sleep and the exchange with the angels. Time and the hour of dawn informs the star you were born underneath of your angel, your angel in heaven. Heaven is the star you were born underneath in heaven, for love, the love of god.

Universes, light years away, have stars. You walk along, your starry pathway communicating to god as though mystically you are telepathy. Light is the source of god, needed and as sunshine beams down on us, so does god.

If you walk along the sea you will see the light reflecting. Light reflects upon the water as light reflects on the clouds. Accumulation of atmospheric clouds on mountains is similar to the light in the star patters in the universe collecting light as a rainbow. By the sea, sea spray and windy conditions can cause a similar light to be absorbed by the clouds or play of light on the water. Clouds after rain rise and when the sunshine peers through cause transcendence like a breath. If you blow into the cold air you will see your breath. Clouds and mountains.

The golden light of clouds.