Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The streets of Rome

Nicole Page-Smith

The streets of Rome

Chapter 1.

Gods frequent, there.

Thinking of old literature and places, home to the gods, you can imagine unknown to us for the imagination of the authors of the books has long since, gone, the gods still live there, unseen and seldom worshipped. Gods frequenting, Mt. Olympus, for example, whereas tourists you walk amongst the ruins. Delphi is one such place and gods appear to be present in images. Dreams and memories drift on by. Forests are visited, you remember the sunset, views of the Acropolis from the hotel windows, strong coffee not Greek, woman as predominant as Greek plays and tragedies with heavy makeup, seething.

Forests often walked through. Greek legends and Roman mythology take you in pursuit of water nymphs. Gods fly through as if on winged heel and you enter another realm. Godly and slightly battered, wings torn, you recover strength.

Walking through the forest, you encounter Bernini. The forest of imaginings has you blessing the earth with each step. Walking through museums has snaky headed gods approach you amongst philosophers, emperors and warriors, all figures from literature. Hellenistic in style or copies of the ancient Greek, philosophy and origins of Western culture demonstrate the history of monuments on display. Architecture has you building and towering and thinking of Michelangelo, too, maybe better known to the Romans for his architecture.

Bernini has us building architecture with his sculpture and quite often all around it, monuments, monumental and tombs for the sarcophagi. Churches, once visited, Autumn leaves in the street. Walking, I continue to walk.

The Autumn leaves stir under my feet and fall. Still warm from Summer Sun, Rome, continues to wander through my mind.

Wandering, the leaves tend to wander and blow along in the wind. Of clouds and wandering the wind blows. Trees talk away to nature and the wind. In the forest they blow around and the noise has an eerie silence about it. Blowing, you become wind amongst the treetops only to fall down to the ground with the leaves, there is a protective feeling and the leaves nestle in for the winter. Blowing the wind becomes spirit, the spirit wind blows and to become tree is an act of nature. Nature blows with the wind.

The gods answer your call and you are taken back to the streets of Rome.