Monday, September 19, 2016

Believe in yourself

Nicole Page-Smith

Believe in yourself

When, you consider the centre of the Universe and equate mathematically what this could mean for you individually or our mortal existence on the planet in equation of a limited time with God, then, you have reached the centre of all contemplation. We are at the centre of the knowing of God, for God lives in your heart, in the very centre of our completion of an awareness of the infinite. Central to our awareness is the heart. So, if you find what matters to your heart the most, you will find the centre of your Universe. The Sun is reportedly at the centre of our Universe or Solar System of planets, moons and the Sun and this could be interpreted as what illuminates the heart the most gives warmth to your ideas. Astronomers, mathematicians and philosophers of old have included the Earth as a model for the centre of the Universe to include an equator. So, this begs the question, what is at the centre of the Earth? The equator or circumference of the Earth would indicate how far, in distance, you could equate the centre of the Earth to be. The equator would also indicate what the centre of the Earth contains. So, who is at your centre of your Earth? Is God in the centre of your Earth? If you imagine your Earth's centre, to be the heart then, this would answer your question. God is central to
 your world.

There is a flood and the Tower of Babel rose out of the Earth. God spoke the tongue of the Devil to destroy a trespass of Evil. All rivers are dangerous in the height of a seasonal flood. Structures had to be made for a Satan's army to descend from Heaven. A flood of people, were to be noticed, but God forbade the access of Evil. To trespass the Spirit of the Holy, is to trespass the Holy Spirit. Keep your truth. Elephants ride on. Sacred to your heart is God's love and when you lose the Self, you lose everything. The shape of a Cross, came from the stars and the reflection on Earth can be seen in nature. The tree, to be chosen, would have been nominated, by God and a location of the church, to follow Christ, would have been placed, a desert in the knowing. Observations posts of the stars require a tower and early telescopes, simply allowed you to observe the stars in a particular direction. Further, with Galileo, he invented the telescope. Above, Florence, in Italy, is part of the Milky Way, with a tribute to Venus. Perennial floods are also noticed but no towers to Babel. Mosques and temples of worship frequented the religion of the Byzantine era but our heart is held by intricacies of another worth. We nominate our dead so Saints were glorified from another era and Divine evidence can still be viewed in churches for the honour of the Madonna. Venus was the god of love.

The point of the circle equals the circumference, so the centre of a circle, the world, our heart or a single cell of the human body, holds all the information, we need know, about ourselves. The centre of your heart reflects God's light like one bright shining star or the planet Venus, visible, in the night sky. You could equate the whole night sky. You could equate the whole night of stars seen from the Earth's surface and this the heart appears to hold, too as though, the very tip your heart, reflects the whole Universe or God, in the heavens, above. We absorb starlight. Our body's information exists in the nucleus of cells. If God equalled the mathematical equation of Pi, this would equal the sum total of our heart. Can God's love be equated this way? Elephants traipse through in a cosmological dream of the Universe with a view of the night sky. The Italian Gothic, sculptor, Giovanni Pisano and a little, ivory, Crucifix, a fragment of Christ, Crucified, holds my heart so strongly, it may as well equal the sum total of the Universe times my heart's love, for a mathematical equation. We all exist of the body of Christ and for God's love. May God, hold your heart, at the very tip.

If we think of the Italian Renaissance artist, Luca della Robbia, and the beautiful white, glazed, terra-cotta, sculptures of the della Robbia family business, a business still in existence, today, we are only familiar with the existence of Madonnas of both Luca della Robbia and his nephew, Andrea della Robbia. The sublime blue used to surround the Madonna along with the exquisite rendering of Luca della Robbia, in particular, has a sensitivity, so gentle, that you are almost melting into the white glaze as the Madonna fondles the hand of baby Jesus. The Virgin Mary blue of the surrounding glaze speaks of the sky of Heaven while the stark white contrasting of maybe an imitation Carrara marble takes you to the crystalline patterns of the stars. The white terra-cotta glazing of the della Robbia family was no poor mans imitation of a cheapened stone, though, perhaps a practice of crafted rendering familiar to the village of Florence. Most other renderings of the Holy family group are rewarding, not all have survived the test of time and the relief work is the della Robbia families, speciality. A Rondo of a Royal family member has to be one of the della Robbia families best loved pieces, in Florence, where, several other reliefs can be seen today above architraves and doorways of places no longer seeming to be in use for the purpose made. The external reliefs of the della Robbia family, do appear, to suggest, a secret entryway, to another era or line a disused door. God bless.

To contemplate the Spirit of Christ, we contemplate the hollow. The Spirit has already been ascended. The blessing of Christ is to bless the Spirit of Christ, so, Christ, in effect, blessed his own Spirit. If Christ was born of the Holy Spirit of God, then, he did not require Spirit. Christ was born ascended. The blessing of Christ occurred with the blessing of the loaves and the fishes. Christ, was blessed, by, Saint John. Christ's Spirit was ascended after the Crucifixion and some say at Christ's birth. Angels surround your heart and everybody ascends Christ's body, at Easter, for everybody participates in feast day, the pagan festival of sharing the egg. The hollow is a contemplation and a hollow Easter egg usually nominates the Spirit. We are of the egg of God. Our body is the vessel for the Spirit and the Spirit blows through, the hollow reeds. God was blessed by the water's edge. Christ bathed his feet in the lake. In the religious portraits of Christ's blessing, we are usually placed in front of a Christ figure, blessing as though, witnessing a Christian altar or we are the Crucified, Christ, image, Christ is blessing. An artist such as Antonello da Messina was perhaps his own self-portrait with Christian images of a blessing ceremony. The hollow is the blessing of Christ. 

Christ is of the body. Early Christian and Gothic sculptors such as Giovanni Pisano used ivory as a medium to represent a religiosity the size of an elephant. I am the bread and the wine. The delicate awareness of Christ, at the altar with exquisite, small, sized, rendering, of Gothic, ivory, carving, twists and turns, in your Spirit, to take you to a love of the body of Christ and butterflies need to be released from the Spirit as though we have the heart of an elephant. Giovanni Pisano's small, Gothic, ivory, fragment of Christ Crucified, speaks to your heart. "I am" was the vote of the elect council who Crucified Christ. Christ only spoke of the Holy Spirit and about the love of God. God needed people to be aware, of them selves and the eternal dove flies from our head with our Spirit's connection, being the mind. God is our contemplation and the contemplation of the Spirit. We are three in one and our heart via our mind, flies to God, in eternal ascension of the Spirit. We all eat the bread for we eat the body of Christ. The Spirit is ascended with our entanglement with life. We are, all of the, hollow, for we are, all of the body, of Christ. Our elephant Spirit gives us a Divine blessing.

We are all of the body of Christ. Christ is of the water. Blessed, we receive a baptism and the mystical water is our water, for we float. A fragment of the body is like the milky white ivory of an elephant and resonates our worth to God. Christian is our body for the Divine understanding of Christ. To receive the Spirit of Christ, we receive the love of God. Believe in yourself.

The End.


Nicole Page-Smith