Sunday, September 11, 2016

Angels speak to your heart

Nicole Page-Smith

Angels speak to your heart

The harmony of Jesus was figured out in Heaven with early philosophers looking to the sky. Some equated, mathematically, the mystical patterns of the stars. Philosophers were equating the love of God. Musical harmony does communicate to the Spirit along with harmonic structures and patterns in Nature. We are as familiar with the gentle sounds of a running stream as with saliva on the tongue and the sound of drinking water, a breath in the knowing. Our breathing vaporizes, out through our nostrils with the gentle sound of breath. The sound of the purring of a satisfied, household, cat on your lap, is in harmony with the sound of beauty. Equating the love of Jesus is equating the love of God. Divine harmony has been annotated in music but existed in Nature from the start before the existence of human beings. To hear nature and natural sounds, is to hear, God, whether, it be, the meow of a hungry cat or the squawk of a crying baby, to dry leaves blowing along the street. Harmony existed in God's Divine garden in the rustle of the wind, in the trees, long before woolly mammoths and dinosaurs were heard wandering through, the forest trees. The sound of birds is a blessing, too. Butterflies grace your wing. Our body is of the harmony of Christ.

We sing a tune. There is perfect harmony in the world. Our body is symmetrical for God so, we can recognize our reflection in the mirror. The left side of your face describes the left side of conscious awareness or infinity and the right, the world or our earthly place in the Universe. Everything goes in circle and the circle of the Universe. We are of planetary awareness of who we are because we possess a human body. Jesus made human beings aware of Christ. We have seven circles to be aware of and they circulate your body, each has a zone in correspondence with Nature. We eat the bread of Christ and the loaves and the fishes. Our body is affected by the Seasons and every, planetary movement. You will see the stars of the zodiac calendar and God plant a seed. We have spheres of circular thinking described by Plato. The Divine circles in your head are related to the circular movements of the planets, circulating the Earth via the Sun and the cycle of the moon, for harvest season. Eternal, life was nominated by the Ancient Egyptians, who worshipped the Sun and they followed the Sun with a sundial. Ancient Greeks like Plato had gods for the purpose of the Seasons and every other purpose under the Sun. Hera was the the god closest to Apollo and other gods were named after the Sun. Planets call Mercury to aid or Venus for our brow. Mars was born under Aries and was born of the rising Sun. We live in the age, of Aquarius, for water signs born under the Sun. Your body is aware of your circumstance and we live in the knowledge of the Christian calendar. 

Our body is for the garden. Our body is eaten by Christ and consumed of the garden like a composting vegetable. We are consumed by the garden. As our body goes through the organic earthly process of life, the body decomposes. Matter is disintegrating all around us so, with time, as fast as the body is growing and restoring itself, gravity pulls us apart. Our mortal life on Earth is a fragile existence. There are all sorts of creatures and demons who frequent our garden, from a mortality and as though in some primal, subconscious, dream, mortals, immortals, angels and demons, from Heaven and Hell, eat away your Spirit. The gnawing of a conscious delusion of thought has us believe we may not exist at all. Matter disintegrated for Christ, a long time ago and his body no longer exists on the Cross. Christ's Spirit was ascended to Heaven, over two thousand years ago so, the matter of Christ's Spirit, would have disappeared, too. Heaven is the matter of the Spirit. Our perishing earthly existence has our Spirit disintegrate in the Heaven on Earth. The body rests in the garden. Christ's tomb is empty. The life of the Spirit and the Soul is in the garden of Christ and is our primal existence. Elephants traipse, through.

A whole menagerie of wild beasts, mythical creatures, animals, angels, devils and human beings appear to pass through your garden like creatures of the night, a dreamed consciousness. Entangled in our Christian garden is the garden of Christ. Roses use your heart and climb through you. We are like a trestle to hang the vine on. The Spirit garden of the self welcomes visitors and the garden party is a delight to the Earth you frequent. Primal Spirits occur in a technicolor dream. Our heart is our gateway to Heaven where, angels descend. The Spirit entwined with a cosmological dream of the heavens finds the pathway to God. Creatures walk through you on a passageway to your egress. All the gods you have known from an ancestral heritage are to take you to dust, the dust of the earth, we walk on and they comment about our mortal existence. We are to die a mortal death. However, although we experience mortality as human beings, our Christian love carries on. Heart matter appears to transpire and float with a golden light back to Heaven. We live in the body of Christ.

In Heaven, we are angels for God. Plants talk to you, on your Christian pathway, of the language of God and the mathematical equation makes you aware of your body. Divine matter appears to separate our knowledge of the body confronted by nature and here, we are reminded of our Spirit's ascension to God or death. Plants speak a Divine language to the oxygen of our heart and the Spirit ascends. Our spiritual, ascension is nominated by the stars, of Heaven, talking to the moon. Plants waiver an agreement with the angels, a communication, to our heart and Spirit. Your heart seems happy in the knowledge of the Sun and the golden light is alerted. Angels live in Heaven. The golden light of God, in your heart is, you could imagine, a star pattern reflecting the stars in Heaven and communicating with the angels. A golden ladder is our egress. Is the mathematical equation of God, the circle? The circumference of a circle is three times its diameter so, is God a map of the world? Our body should know the answer. The planets, the moon and the Sun are circular, too and travel circulating, spinning on a cycle. Our heart reflects on the evolution of itself and by an infinite awareness, of our mortality. Angels speak to your heart.