Friday, October 9, 2015


Nicole Page-Smith


The ceiling of Heaven is golden. The deer touch Heaven with their antlers. The deities rejoiced in Heaven. We are the planets on their perpetual cycle. We are the planets for the people in Heaven. As you walk, through the park, you follow the deer, they scurry like the wind, running and gathering, in flocks. The golden deer, of Heaven, reside of the same garden. You follow and they walk. In the magical garden of their forest, wind, other plants, form your garden and your garden is your heart. The deer are there, in the same forest garden but God obscures their view, they have become plant with their antlers and deity with their gods. The deer live in the golden garden of Heaven. God took you there, once and it was the planet of the moon, and a day of your life was born of the Christian calendar. God love all Saints, in Heaven,  for they were born of the Cross of Heaven. We are born, of the Cross of God, for we are one, with him, in Heaven. We are born of the Christian calendar, of faith,  for God, to see and your entrance, from Heaven to Heaven, is a blessing, for the god. The god of the Earth, rejoiced, for we are one, with Heaven and the god of the sea, lost interest, in Heaven. Love God to tell you, of Heaven, in Heaven, the Heaven of Earth, where, your ceiling is golden.

In our garden of earthly delights, we are the sweet fruit of Heaven. We are the snake and all the creatures of the Earth, in the forest of our imaginings, for the forest of the heart has deer, for God. We are golden. Golden is the colour of your imagination. Our mind is clear, in Heaven, as the Spirit, ascends itself, to Heaven and the clouds, take you, to them. The atmosphere is a cloud, in the imagining, of God. We imagine the sky, in Heaven, for clouds take us, to the angels. When there is thunder, it rains. Our clouds of our Heaven, takes us, there, to God, for he is our Heaven. The planets, of the Seasons, bring forth rain. We are all rain for God, crying. We cry, in our heart, for the clouds. Angels cry, on the wing, for Mary. The sky is blue, for another, day. When we are angels, we see for God. We were born in Heaven, in the clouds. The planets, take you, to the star, you were born, under and leave you, there. We are all stars for God as starlight, makes itself, visible at night. We are born, of the Cross and we were born, of an awareness, of the field, where, we lay. As the Seasons, are grown of worn, we are one with the planet, Earth and lay our field. Then we are one with him, him that lay, the fields or God, the gods are one. The planets are Heaven and that is where, he lay or the one, in Heaven. Heaven is our home.

The gods are in the garden and the plants tell you why. When, we are plant, we are one with the garden and when, we are leaves, we are trees. But, in the magical forest, of God's Divine, home, his garden, we are the delights of the Earth and his planets are our home. There are stars, visible, from other planets, too, in God's Divine garden, for the garden is our Universe, where the planets, roam. Our ascension colours are visible, for these are the colours, of the planets. Our garden is a delight to be in, for Summer and Summer, in the month of the moon, of our birth. The birthing of our garden is yours and the blessing of the fruit. Seasonal cycles, take us, to a lesser, home. Plant plants in your garden, to see your worth, for God. Seasonal rhythms, of the cycle of life, take you to who you are. God is your home in the garden. Seasonal, planets, take you around, in a cycle and that is when, you are Mother Earth. We give birth to the moon, for God and then, you plant the seed. Take your field, there, to God. On a bright, lit day, take God, to your home and the moon, lights, the way, at night. We eat grain. You follow.

Our antlers are entwined with the god of the moon, for we are, Jupiter, with her, Luna, our friend. Venus was the moon, for Christ and we idealized her beauty. A Christian calendar has us eating wheat and we drink her voice. The god of the field worships, the goddess of Luna. We eat a drink and field a life, for her. We are, the goddess, of the moon. Christians, of the moon saw her worshiped, in the field, by the grain, on display, for the field. The field of love is under shine and at night, we see the moon. On, another day, we see the South and the South wind should blow. With the seed, in advice, God herald an angel, the angel of the Sun. Venus, was her name, for God, the moon of worth. She had a pretty face, for she was beauty, herself, for God, the goddess of an angel. Divine and requited beauty, is for love, itself, we are the love, of God, for the field and the mice. The fair are the wise, on the field, for we are fair and wise. Love is the field of beauty. The moon, show her face, to the South, for the grain, of the wise, our food for our meal, is worth eating. Our love is the South and the merry wind blow. Jupiter is in the rising South and we are her rising. Show the moon your face.

On the planet moon, we are a face. God love us, in Heaven. The jewels are a Christening. We see the ascension angels in the sky. The colour is near, out with the colours of the sky. There are colours, out there, to observe, all around, in the sky. The lights of the angels tell you the time. We are one with God in the sky. Heaven is gold for the sky. Gold is the lining of your ceiling, Heaven. With Heaven, in the sky, we are blessed in an angel and this means we are blessed for the sky. I love you, in Heaven, angel. Our reference is the Heaven. The cosmos of our energy is sky. The Universe is for the blessing of the sky. When, Universes meet, we are the space, of the sky and the patterns, enlighten you, of time. Coloured, they are, for Heaven and space, they are, for the sky. Space is where there is Heaven, in the sky. Jupiter of the sky, we see her love, in Heaven, for our lights, of the sky and God, ascend us, to Heaven, in the sky. We, reflect, the field of reasoning and here, the crops, have a name. The deer frolic and stand, to obey, the sky. When your antlers, reign, you are, the golden ceiling for the sky. Our plants are our reason and the vegetation of reason, for the deer, of the sky. The deer and their antlers are like under water vessels, of the sky. We know and they feel. When, the deer, are, on land, they are in their garden and gardens of another, home. Here, the deer are in their Divine garden, for God.