Friday, July 3, 2015

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Nicole Page-Smith


Our Holy name nominates our Holy place of worship. This is for the Spirit of holiness. There is no worship high enough for the Spirit of the Lord. He is a triune God, where the Holy place, our Spirit resides in, is taken to the Lord. He is three for we are "One" and "One" with God is three. Seven eyes are upon us for the Lord, Jesus Christ. We are not "God" "we" are the "Lamb of God". God has us ten ways for the Lord and these are nominated for the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, with seven angels and seven eyes of God, for God and the triune way. Ten gods were "known" to Jesus Christ and these nominate his way. His way is to Heaven and seven times he was mentioned, as is the love of Christ. Three times was he blessed and this was the Holy way. Our place is our sacred way.