Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Clouded with thoughts

Nicole Page-Smith, photographs

Clouded with thoughts

Raining puddles of water, evaporate. And the puddles blowing away with the clouds, the angels fly back to heaven. Were they angels we saw or just a sunny day? Reflections on the water and water and the rain disappearing, we fly our thoughts up to the sky, past the clouds. Flying with the angels to where they live you travel past the moon and all the planets to the Sun. Sun and angels appear through windows but reflect the light of the sun. Floating off they appear in the depth of the ocean or for infinity in mountains. God and the mountains. Birds fly but trees, the trees call you back from the mountains and the birds fly like angels, upwards and the clouds beckon them as trees remind birds of home. A place or reality barely exist and you are taken to clouds blowing, blowing around on a windy day. The rain drifts and through the clouds bursts of sunshine appear on the ground. Mountains assume another name while thoughts and angels fly off for another day.

Angels live in the clouds and like the birds, fly. Flying angels, fly. While flying birds think of god, angels are their eyes but angels are god and fly with the birds, flying. The wind carries the clouds like thoughts covering the sky with clouds of thought sometimes drifting and others full coverage. Clouds linger on the mountains with impending rain but drift in the sky. Clouds, birds and angels are like your relationship to god and glide. Our relationship with god is with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is amongst us. Mountains reach the clouds and are like thoughts, thinking. Thinking thoughts are also like mountains rising out of the clouds. Days of thinking and contemplating mountains with clouds and thoughts of god, an illumination with the clouds. Lingering, clouds and thoughts with your head in the clouds, drift. If your head was a mountain, would you think like the clouds? Glowing with the light through clouds you are left in contemplation of light with a mountain of meditative thought. The sun shines brightly, illuminating clouds. Thoughts ruminate and stir and oceans of light reflect the sea. We think and god sees us thinking with the clouds covering you like mountains. Clouds and thoughts, thinking.


Clouded with thoughts.