Friday, December 6, 2019

Angels speak to the earth

Nicole Page-Smith

Angles speak to the earth

The dark matter of the soul, an air and the place where the body is comfortable in spirit is similar you could imagine to the zero gravity, air of outer space. Dark matter pervades. Dark matter needs volume and the needs of the soul. We need the light of the universe and the light of God. In effect the universe does not need the human race and we are slowing down dark matter from invading and taking over. Our soul is a place to reflect and the depth of the soul takes us in part to the cold parts of the universe but with warmth. We only have our body to reflect with. The universe is everything our body reflects. A heaven. We need not be afraid. God is our light. Matter is another and only associated with our gravity. Matter on Earth we know to fall apart and crumble. Our bodies fall apart. We are therefore designed to disintegrate. The universe almost falls apart differently to how we would imagine and matter regroups to become something else. Before we die the physical matter of our bodies gets tired and time is barely an issue. We contemplate history. 

In the contemplation of history, we drift with the clouds. Clouds heavy in the sky race with the wind to depart and bursts of sunshine, shine through. The weather of clouds, thunder and lightening, bring more heavy rain. Blowing in a gale and beaten by rain, you walk wondering what windy isle maybe your home. Trees are blown about by storms losing their leaves, blossoms and branches while debris litters the ground. However, trees seem pleased by the rain and almost smile in the sunshine. Birds love a bath, too and fly about in jubilation in the rain. Singing and darting around, birds seem at home in the rain and you feel they own where you live. In the dark matter of the soul we must exist in a different capacity to the birds and the clouds. Raining on the inside for God, the Paradisiacal island seems desolated and for the birds, only. Clouds drift heavy with the rain in the garden. The history of rain clouds is in every cloud. Clouds and gravity keep us upright along with the history of the universe in every cell. Matter drifts apart with every rain cloud. 

As clouds race on by so, do we drift and in thought, contemplate. In reflection of the soul we are the light of God. In the darkness of the soul we are safe but need to shine forth. Matter gets tired living with the gravitational pull of Earth and disintegrates and the dark matter of the soul encourages our spirit to go unto God, likewise at death we separate like rainclouds to God and fall to earth with the rain. The earth carries our sodden earth like water.
Angels speak to the earth.


Nicole Page-Smith