Friday, January 4, 2019

Planets hang from the tree of love

Planets hang from the tree of love

Paradisiacal birds fly through. Celestial maps are not to be trespassed but when you see birds in the sky, remember the birds are there, because of God. Celestial pathways show you how to plant the seed and where to find the tree of love; it has a seed. Birds have already flown in from the sky but more landed. We landed on Earth in the same way as spirits from the sky. God brought human beings to Earth by the Fall and this can be interpreted in a number of ways and is very different in a number of languages over the ages. The Fall of man does equal the Fall almost like we fell to Earth from somewhere else and yes, the Paradisiacal garden of God. A garden of Paradise does equal all equation of life. Sometimes the Fall is interpreted as human beings were created by God in the garden and yes we did not grow as trees do but almost. The Fall is the Fall of man as Adam created Eve. Eve was created as a result of Adam. The sizzley snake curled up the tree. We are the result of God's Sin for man. We are and we are the branches of the tree of love for we grow. We are man for God's Sin but we are his branches. Love is the tree of man.  

The tree of man is the tree of love. Branches, branch out for the birds to sit on in the garden of Paradise, oh. We sit. We are birds. We are. Birds fly through the garden of Paradise for there are, trees. In heaven there is Paradise but oh the gardens, oh. In the stars there are gardens of stars and they reflect down on you. Trees feel their glare and glimmer in the starlight by day but in the night, oh. Stars shine their patterns on nature but Mother Nature, oh. We are trees by nature and grow like starlight shines in the sky and fly with the angels. Heaven is our garden of Paradise. Angels fly and look down on you but the stars twinkle in agreement of their smile. Smiling is agreement of the stars and you remember their twinkle. Remember Paradise for that is where we are from and God takes you unto thee. We are from Heaven originally in the stars of Heaven, above. Celestial star maps show you Paradisiacal birds of heaven in the sky. Maps are reflected in our wings as the spirit of our bodies soar with the ascension of God, a Heaven on Earth in the garden. Birds reflect our love for they fly with wings. Christ lives in the garden of love for he is heart. Red flowers are the colour of God's heart like red roses, poppies and in the garden. Heart shaped plants are from the tree of love. Plants reflect our heart for Jesus. 

When we are of planet we are one with the Lord. Being one with the Lord means planets are involved. Your heart has four chambers and most are inline with planets, one has two. Two planets in the heart are Neptune and Venus. When Neptune sings its song we are in tune with the universe and the equation of all life. For life sings a song and is the tree of the seed of life. Birds twitter. Paradisiacal birdlife is what donated the seed of all life and we grew from the ground as plants and trees do for we grew naked in the garden of Eve on foliage. Birds flew in when Neptune was in the moon and Jupiter rose in the Sun of a morn of worth. Jesus is the key, but when we have the celestial vision of Christ we know another planet is needed for the love of God and is nominated by the beast nominating his name. Beasts and sky are synonymous with God on the day Jesus was born. Planets had stars to correspond with. On the day of Christ we were born of the heart of Jesus. Planets were our worth and the tree of love was sown. The garden of Paradise is the garden of the heart for it has planetary worth. Celestial is our garden. Wings of birds are like angels of the heart, planets of worth and love. Planets hang from the tree of love.

Nicole Page-Smith