Monday, December 17, 2018

Earth is of the void

Earth is of the void

On the planet we walk on is the matter of the spirit. God has a heart but we have soul. The soul of the earth is the Earth and we find its core in the centre of our being. The soul is of the Earth but above it to fly with the angels until our mortal end. Our mortal being is to be human and to die and go back in the earth to grow again as though through rain. Rain is of the tears of angels. Earth is the matter of our soul. We are Mother Earth to please her and are of the matter of Earth. We grow again in a cycle of the planets like fields of crop and earth. Blowing with the wind our spirit is our life. We are all the creatures of the Earth playing and dancing in the fields like nature has us in the forest. Trees of worth blow in the breeze and whine and creak in the wind. Walking along a pathway. Roads, roads and streets, the biting cold wind can hit your face in the dead of winter and inland places are colder, still. As mere earthlings or people of the Earth, gods do take a hold. Material gods are of our worth but the Earth is the god of the earth. We are his friend and beware of Mother Earth. The dark matter of the spirit is our Earth. 

We fly with the spirit, the spirit Earth. Earth spirits are our own for they are of the Earth. With the Earth we fly as spirits do. Flying and spirits we are. But, we love dark matter. Now dark matter is found in outer space and is the God we are looking for we are of the matter. Matter occurs in space for God to arrange. Earth is the matter we walk on but, God... God is matter. We are God. Matter occurred in outer space as an indication. So, how did this arise? We are the matter from outer space but we are Earth. We think of Earth equalling the Christian God we know. Perhaps we are unable to contemplate anything past Earth with any kind of human being expansion but we are only human and not gods. Earth is a planet in the space that surrounds it and floats. We are led to believe the Earth is on an orbit and orbiting or moving, you could imagine the Earth is either travelling or stationary and all the variety of godly divine ideas we do not comprehend would explain everything we do know and see from Earth. Christian ideals come into play. The matter of the spirit takes us to Earth. Earth is of the void. 

Nicole Page-Smith