Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Our Paradise for God

Our Paradise for God

As the planets are entangled in our psyche like ancient gods of Egypt carried the Sun or the moon on their head we are in a spin with the planets carrying their cycles around with us. We go to an afterlife of the spirit enriched with gold. We are entombed with a hieroglyphics of the history of the Universe. The cycles and planets of the moon and other worth, shower us with information like shooting stars, comets and asteroids, meteorites and divine light of star clusters as though the light is our Heaven in the heavens. Do the spirits who fly to heaven reflect in star clusters? Is that what we see? Planets and cycles of the Universe travel through and, spin. Paradise in the garden for the ancient Egyptians was their afterlife all they lived for was their death. We are in their memory.

Sometimes God will come to you in a dream. Other visions of God are materialized from the projection of a dream, a very ancient belief of the unconscious. The projection of the early realm tied in with emotions takes us to a portrait of ourselves. Our internal life takes us to God to prepare us for death and God takes us unto him in our dreams. We are prepared for death because we are mortal and the immortal. The immortal part of us is God, is the spirit and does take us unto him via the dove in Paradise; a garden unknown to the heart and the garden is the heart. God's divine garden, the Paradise of the heart is death. We are informed of God in a Christian way. Christ is our heart and God takes us to his love. We only reach the paradisiacal garden when we die. When you are born in heaven as with God and all human beings were born in the garden or born with a heart, we were born of Adam. Animals were born of an angel and exist in our garden. Fantastical beasts.

We gallop and then we travel and then we travel with the stars in heaven. We ride and then we gallop forward. Stars follow us in heaven. We are of their star and gallop like the beasts in heaven riding around the heavens in a heavenly way. Star maps and stars in heaven map out our way and we see ourselves, fantastical beasts in Heaven, astrological guides. Our map is reflected down on Earth and we see ourselves. Beasts, stars, animals and all the astrological star signs. We see our elders in the sky. The astrological stars have been there from the beginning of time and how could this be? We see ourselves. The planets of the Universe have been in the sky from the beginning of time but not the beginning. The Universe does rejuvenate itself cyclically but not in a known way that is comprehensible as a logical understanding of chance. Order in chaos is another theory but briefly explains how matter works. There is the chance factor in the Universe as there is our normal earthly life.

All the paintings of medieval Europe describe a certain Heaven and a certain Hell or the end of the world. Literature and Early Christian and Byzantine Orthodox religion would sell a similar story of an Apocalypse and an early religious belief or an afterlife known as our current understanding of Heaven. They were born of an angel, graced artists of God and early religious beliefs from Persian texts, early spiritual beliefs of God, the gods and Ancient Egyptian ideas seem almost futuristic as though a heavenly belief came from outer space. Sometimes you would imagine that perhaps we got it back to front and the Apocalypse came first, where we came from was ourselves but how we got there will be a nightmare, all in a matter of speaking. Matter implodes and so do we. We are born only to die a death, not matter but God. The God part of us or the spirit goes unto God in the heavens. Christian people though, are buried in the first circle of hell and when the end of the world occurs they will rise out of the earth but not in a Christian way just sit up as though in the grave, in fact forced out of the earth with such force they will look like they are walking around amongst the living. The living will be living no more and like the Apocalypse visionaries have forecast there will be people like an Apocalyptic vision of Hell for the damned people, angels and demons will be flying around maybe with wings.

You could imagine somehow between the crossover of time and other species of dinosaurs and humans when we were naked in the garden of God, winged beings existed. As we are taken back to beginning of the world and the beginning of time our spirit bodies naked with no longer the use of clothes in the garden would encounter earlier species and the dinosaurs or smaller winged varieties, flying like birds. Flying with the birds our early descendants perhaps not angels or demons but flying dinosaurs it will be strange to go back amongst them. We are reminded with walking through museums of ancient dinosaur fossils and natural history of the history of our origins and it is strange how familiar they feel. Descending from birds or modern birds in flight of our spirit takes us to God and as we go backwards in time perhaps we will fly off with them our spirits like birds and take flight. In islands that are our home to the birds humans should not be allowed and maybe never existed but only of spirit. Birds fly. In our spirit form we go to God. The chances are we are already birds but God forgot to tell us as we exist in the garden of the heart, our Paradise for God.

Nicole Page-Smith