Thursday, February 5, 2015


Ashes are spread on the ground and then your spirit travels unto him. Stars fly to the spirit world to tell them about you and we know about you in Heaven. Heaven is the forefathers you are looking for and the people on the Earth who communicate with your spirit. A communication via the spirit is a communication of God, a language with the angels of God. Heaven is where you take yourself on your journey. We take ourselves to the stars to talk to the other spirits who enjoy us at the end of time, the spirits of God. We exist for God. 
So, why does God have an imprint of the end of time for us to acknowledge? We do know about the cycle of life and death for our own physical body and the concept of the end of the world feels quite obvious, almost as if it does not need to be expressed as every organic substance has a life span. The end of time, however, equals God or a finite understanding of the infinity of God. We find God through love. Love will take us to the end of time. The ashes of our heart tell us about the star path to follow in Heaven.
If you take yourself along your star path you will find Heaven. Heaven on Earth is your star path so follow what you know in your heart. Love in the soil takes you to the earth. Heaven on Earth is Heaven in the soil and that is why we have nature, Gods way of appreciating our worth by providing such beauty. Go for a walk in the forest today. The stars guide your way and God tells you how. Love people to love you and commune with God more.
Love is the element of God. We find time in harmony. Harmony is an element of nature and God shows us his harmony by design. God is design and harmony. Time is the door to Heaven and Heaven is the way. There is harmony in time and music in nature with the birds singing us a tune. We see the patterns of nature when we see the rain come in from the sea with a storm. God is in love with the sea and all the elements of nature. God has been nominated with an understanding of the storms and the rain with the previous god worshiped in the sky equalling Zeus and lightening. Sending down lightening was a blessing from Zeus and this occurrence of nature is in reverse for the Christian God, we are sent to God this way. We are always looking for our ancestors in the elements of nature. 
Ashes take us to where we come from, as is God's will. We look for ourselves in the sky and the angels tell us where to reside. Love God in the ashes of your heart. When we love God we are taken on a journey unto Heaven and angels sing to us there. Angels speak to our heart in the ashes with the harmony of love. May love lead the way to Heaven for the soul is taken to God this way. Love turns to ashes as we communicate our soul, the ascension of God and spirits rejoice because we have turned pure spirit. In this place we dance for the gods. God lead the way to Heaven.
Love leads your heart to love. So, why does God lead your way to Heaven? To love God is the entry. To love God is the key. Love to love yourself. Love to love God. Love to love Heaven. Heaven in the heart is Heaven in the love. Love beautiful things around you and you will find Heaven. Heaven takes your heart to love.
Ascension is the process of time. Love is what we ascend to Heaven and God with the birds telling us this in the trees and they do communicate a message of love. At the end of time like the beginning of a new day where the birds welcome you with their song, the angels will herald your defeat, your defeat of death. We defy death by transcribing love, our spirit goes to Heaven but when we find death at the end of time, we will have to find love. Love is for our heart to ascend itself to Heaven by the bird's wing. Our body gently goes unto him. For the process of our natural born lives, we gently become spirit with time and the ageing process. We disappear as solid matter and become spirit. The disintegration of matter or our death via the spirit to reach God is our ultimate achievement to transform love. We ascend our spirit to God.
A communication of love is the ascension of the spirit. The birds of love give you a blessing in the garden as they fly overhead. Love is what takes you to Heaven. The fire of our spirit is transcended with ashes and the fire of our love tells us this. The transcendence of the spirit is the fire element. Time is the ashes. Our ascension of the spirit to God is our Divine communication and love will take us there, to Heaven. The stars are like the fire element of your spirit that we communicate by the ashes of our soul. We slowly become God's Divine light by love. Love takes us to God that way, by the spirit's ascension. Dance for love.
The dance of love is the dance of joy. Love is all around in Heaven. When you dance for joy you dance for love. We only see God in Heaven. Love takes you there and in your euphoria you see God all around you for he is love. You are Heaven when you see God. Love takes you to Heaven by the hand. Hand in hand with God is hand in hand with love. When the sky is blue we see God for God is the sky. There is love all around.
In our euphoria of God's Divine blessed human beings we find love, as is the gracing of God. Heaven in the heart is Heaven in the one and the one is the love of God. We communicate with the Lord this way. We communicate our love. With this value of communication the spirit is enlightened. May this be the love of the Lord for our enlightenment is spirit and we are God as God is our spirit, our spirit is love. Love God to love our spirit for we are one in Heaven. Heaven is our heart.
When Heaven takes your heart to the light of God, the golden light takes you unto him and the blessed rejoice in Heaven. The pathway to love takes your heart to this place never to return on Earth. When you have ascended your heart this far to the heavenly way, God's golden love takes over. Ashes are the glowing embers of your heart. God takes you unto him for love. Love is to be found in Heaven and birds bless your way. We see the love for it is golden. Walking along, several of God's golden attributes touch your heart and in life other golden moments take you there, to Heaven. God takes you to his love with the smell of roses and the harmony of love takes you to Heaven for harmony in nature is the love of God. The golden state of awareness of Heaven is God. Love is golden harmony.
The golden ceiling of Heaven is where God takes us to find him reflected. God loves you bathed in his golden light. The golden love of the Lord is for a Christian view. Reflected is his love. God love you to love him in his golden light, in the mirror. Beauty is to behold and love is the love of God. Golden.
Love is for the golden. When you take yourself up to the golden place in Heaven, God tips your wings. The golden light of Heaven is what you see when the light shines down on you. Life takes you on a pathway and you follow God's golden light. The pathway of God does take you to his golden place. The lining of gold is your Divine ceiling. This space in Divine contemplation is where God takes you to contemplate his Divine work. God takes you there to notice him in his love for you, then, you take your heart to the stars. God takes you to this place for love.
Love is where God takes you in the golden forest of love. This golden place is full of birds of love. When you walk through the golden forest of love, you feel the birds love talking about you. The forest birds love you to enter their golden forest of love for they are family. All the other little creatures notice your entry into the golden forest and scurry here and there. The golden forest is a forest of love for God to notice you are here. When God's golden love enters your heart, God loves you to love him. The golden beauty of love takes you by the hand for a walk in God's golden forest. The light of God is golden.
Golden light shines down on the blessed when there is love all around. Love is a blessing from God. Love is golden for the blessed.

The End.

by Nicole Page-Smith