Monday, February 2, 2015


Our message of love for the end of time has to carry our human message to God. When the world ends dark matter has to turn into white heat through love, so, we can continue. We will slowly decay without notice like we slowly die each day on ascension to Heaven. Everything has a beginning and end. The end of the world will not necessarily mean the universe will be at the end of its cycle for God has to take us through to infinity. We will just transcribe into another form of matter to equal our spirit in Heaven. To look at we would just look like cosmic dust with our memory of human. This vague memory in cosmic dust will be all God recognizes. When you think of our relationship to Earth, we transpire and then our spirit is ascended to Heaven. Everybody will be destroyed. The end of the world will happen so quickly we will not have time to prepare. God will take us unto him. We will be taken to Heaven by the heralding angel. The end of the world will occur.