Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The dark matter of the spirit

The dark matter of the spirit

We are the earth. You will find the dark matter of the spirit in your soul. On earth we walk amongst one another but are for we were, one. Flowers are for the earth and pretty in the garden. God is the ash of the heart but when you talk about trees, he sings with the birds. Trees have the roots. The earth has the roots grow down into the saturated earth. Flowers grow on the trees in Spring. There have been ancient structures from past dwellings but now they are structures in the garden among the plants. Leafy civilisations occurred. On Jupiter we thought we were Mars. When you think about the destiny of the spirit and why it was destined for Earth, we contemplate the garden of Christ. Certain ancient Roman civilisations occurred in England and further afield. The Garden of Eden was a garden of Arcadia. Centaurs rode through. All variety of mystical monsters entered God's divine garden before man.

On Earth there are three kinds of mythical monsters, one breathes the fire, one has the claws of a lion and one, dances for God. We have to take them to the Earth. On planet Jupiter we were made. We breathed fire for God. Dancing we were made and ran in the planetary garden as our star guide had a pattern in describing. You may have asked but God did not allow the dragon. We are planetary but when we reflect the earth we fall from the sky like rain. Earth is our home in the garden and then there were trees. Plants hold forth in the month of their birth. Birds flew through but there was a day in the glory day of the Lord when we were one for Earth. The poet of imaginings rose with Pegasus and flew off with the Summer months and Mars made himself known. Sacred are animals of the Lord. When they flew over the garden as gardens of animals are known to do, it was Spring. Sphinxes, monsters, sirens and elephants with a human element were not known to God in the day of creation but at sometime sprang out of the Earth and others crawled out of the sea. Human beings came sometime later but evolved out of the garden. God created man and for the dark matter of the spirit on Earth.

Nicole Page-Smith